McLeod Racing Welcomes Will Baty “Mr. Clutch” as Off-Road and R&D Specialist 

McLeod Racing Welcomes Will Baty “Mr. Clutch” as Off-Road and R&D Specialist 

The high performance aftermarket is like any other industry in the world when it comes to doing business the right way. You have to have good products, good processes, and good people to succeed. The industry is also similar to others in the sense that there are singular people who carve out their own space in the market and carry with them a lot of knowledge and experience.

In the world of aftermarket clutches Will Baty is that guy. Baty has joined the team at McLeod as an R&D specialist as well as an off-road products specialist. It’s pretty neat to see him in this dual role. We’ve known Will for years and his attention to detail and want to solve problems is nearly unparalleled in this corner of the market. Look for the new stuff and the new off-road stuff to start rolling hot and heavy once Will really gets his hooks into the business!

Congrats to Will and McLeod for making this happen.


McLeod Racing Welcomes Will Baty “Mr. Clutch” as Off-Road and R&D Specialist 

(ANAHEIM, CA)-  McLeod Racing, the leader in aftermarket driveline components, welcomes Will Baty as Off-Road and R&D Specialist. Baty is a pillar in the aftermarket industry and will bring his off-road expertise to the Anaheim, CA -based company. McLeod’s President Paul Lee marks this new chapter as a turning point for the company in the growing off-road market.

Will Baty, “Mr. Clutch” as the industry calls him, brings over 30 years’ experience of research and development as well as engineering for the clutch market and the off-road market. With his expertise and his love for the aftermarket, it will be a great add to the McLeod family. Everyone at McLeod is passionate for this industry and Baty will fit right in.

“I’m very excited to join the McLeod Racing team,” says Baty. “I am looking forward to learning the new products from McLeod and using my experience to cultivate a strong off-road sector for the company. I would like to thank Paul Lee and Bob Scheid for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills and to work with their team to continue to grow McLeod Racing.”

McLeod Racing, celebrating 50 years in 2021, continues to dominate and grow in all spaces of the aftermarket. With the addition of Baty, McLeod will continue the engineering and R&D of off-road products for our customers.

“On behalf of everyone at McLeod Racing, we are all excited that “Mr. Clutch” Will Baty has joined the McLeod Family,” says McLeod Racing president, Paul Lee. “I have always believed that your people are a business’s most important asset. We’ve built a great team of ‘all-stars’ here at McLeod and Will’s addition just makes our team that much stronger. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Will and his knowledge of our driveline market and particularly, the off-road segment, will help continue to grow McLeod. We look forward to what the future will bring with Will on our team.”

Will Baty will begin his journey with McLeod on July 26th and we are all excited for this addition. Welcome to the club, Will!


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