Meltdown Drags 2014 Coverage: Our Last Blast Of Killer Photos From The Pits – What An Event!

Meltdown Drags 2014 Coverage: Our Last Blast Of Killer Photos From The Pits – What An Event!

(Photos by Greg Rourke and Bob Chiluk) – And we have finally come to the end of a literal week of coverage from the 2014 Meltdown Drags that were held at Byron Dragway in Illinois. We’ve come to the end of a week of celebrating hot rodding and drag racing history, a week of reveling in how an event that started as a small gathering has exploded into a “must see” deal that draws people from all over the country, and a week of drooling over fantastic cars, trucks, dragsters, and creations that don’t really have names. In short, a week of looking at and enjoying our favorite stuff in the world.

News has come out in the last day or two suggesting that the Meltdown Drags organizers are dealing with people complaining about how the event was handled, how things went, and they’re thinking that there might not BE a 2015 edition of the event. For starters and from where we sit, this sounds like a big mistake. A vocal minority of idiots is trying to scuttle one of the best weekends the majority of the people there ever had. There were 500 freaking cars there, Jasper. What are people crying about? Not enough track time? Too many people? If you don’t like it, don’t come back. There are people literally lined up across the country to take your spot. In the most polite way possible, we hope that the Meltdown Drags guys and girls go on with the show and tell those other gas bags to pound sand.

Ahhhh, that feels better. Now….ONTO THE PHOTOS!


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