SEMA Show 2018: Meziere Enterprises is Still Cranking Out Some Of The Finest Parts In The Industry

SEMA Show 2018: Meziere Enterprises is Still Cranking Out Some Of The Finest Parts In The Industry

We had the good fortune of spending some time with the fine dudes at Meziere Enterprise during the 2018 SEMA show. Specifically we checked in with Zach Meziere and talked to him about what’s new and hot at Meziere and how things are looking for the company. The good news is that they are cranking out parts and pieces as fast as they can make them and they continue to innovate and develop some of the most highly functional components your hotrod or racer could use. From starters, to water pumps, billet flywheels, and more. Meziere specializes in precision machining and high function.

Zach mentioned to use that the remote mount water pumps are among the company’s hottest offerings these days. Anything LS related is also moving off the shelves at a rapid rate and the company is still the only one in the industry to offer the ability to provide custom nose blocks for their starters. There are so many combinations of blocks, cranks, and spacing out there that Meziere can literally make a starter capable of perfectly fitting an application that no one else can. From hardcore race engines right down to unique and one-off street combos.

Perhaps the simplest offering in their lineup is also one of their most impressive. The locking radiator caps that Meziere released a couple of years ago continue to be embraced by racers because of it failsafe design. This is a unit that has and will continue to save racers bacon on the track by keeping fluid off of tires and race cars off of walls. It may seem simple, and in concept it is but like all of their other parts, the caps are executed to the fullest.

Check out a small sampling of Meziere Enterprises offerings on display at SEMA –


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