Miniature Blown Small Block Video: Listen To This 6ci Devil Fire Up And Run – So Cool!

Miniature Blown Small Block Video: Listen To This 6ci Devil Fire Up And Run – So Cool!

We love miniature engines and have featured dozens of them over the years here at BangShift and each time we discover what we think is a new one we like to show it to you. Now we know that this engine is not brand new but the video is new to us, so understand that we’re not claiming that this thing was built a week ago but when we see a 6.3ci supercharged version of a small block Chevy that makes some 16hp we’re getting excited about it. The admiration we have for the builders of these engines extends pretty deeply because it calls on skills that are very refined. From scratch making stuff like cams and cranks, heads, and even blocks, this is not easy by any stretch.

Beyond the making of the engine parts, how about manufacturing a miniature supercharger?! Some of you are saying, “Well yeah, they just scale everything down,” and we get that buy most of these guys are whittling at this stuff on freaking manually controlled Bridgeport mills, not multi-axis CNC machines and stuff. The fact that they are challenging themselves to create these things is awesome to us and we hope that there are hundreds of guys around the country working on their own miniature engines right now.

We have no idea how many hours, days, weeks, or years went into this but it was all worth it in our book. Hobbies and passions are what truly drive people. Sitting on the couch, complaining about how the world is screwing you over, and chugging beer while eating Doritos isn’t improving your mind or your situation. The application of skill and knowledge to create stuff like this sets man apart from the animals and we’re damned happy that so many others are happy to share the fruits of their labor with the world!

Press play below to see and hear this miniature blown small block run!

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