Money No Object: 1988 Ford Thunderbird – Ready For Battle

Money No Object: 1988 Ford Thunderbird – Ready For Battle

Spring is here. Wanna know how I know? The tornadoes that just tip-toed past BangShift Mid-West were the big hint. And yes, in case you are wondering, I haven’t slept well. We’re okay here. Nashville got tapped with one, and I haven’t heard anything else at press time. So what do I do when these acts of nature come in? Only thing I can do…look for cars on the internet, because the other option is to sit on the couch and wait for the wind to get rowdy. Why do I live here again? Oh, that’s right…car-friendly. And that’s no lie…the tracks are open, the season is starting off and if your project car is still on the stands and you’re itching to get at it, maybe it’s time to consider just buying something done and ready to rock, don’t you think? Not saying you have to abandon ship on your garage queen, just saying that maybe you should get out there and drive some this year.

There are lots of “race cars” out there to choose from, but may we suggest doing some homework first? You don’t really want two project cars, do ya? No…one is ready to go. That’s what this 1988 Ford Thunderbird is all about. You have a ready-to-rock combination that just needs it’s chassis certs verified and you’re good to go. Worried about power? Here’s the rundown:

“427 Clevor Ford, C4 Full Reverse Manual Valve Body Racing Transmission, 8.8 Rearend. Body has a custom built Chromoly 10 point cage with front down bars, tubular front UPR Chromoly K Member and A Arms, strange race brakes and weighs 2640 lbs. Engine is a Dart Block 4.125″ Bore and K1 Technologies 4″ stroke crank. It has Oliver Rods and Weisco Racing Pistons. Compression is 10.75:1. Heads are Air Flow Dynamics SP4VS from Australia. Engine makes 653 HP and 590 Ft/Lbs of torque on 100 octane gasoline and dyno sheets available. Fuel System is a Holley HP EFI with two Bosch 044 Pumps capable of 1200 HP. Tranny was freshened up by Dana Sniff Racing Transmissions in Irvine, CA in 2016 and only has 30 passes on it since, Pro Torque 8″ Racing Converter with 4500 stall. Rearend is 35 spline 8.8 with a spool and 3.90:1 gears”

Surely, you can put that to use, right? Now, this ain’t a car for beginners…this is a 9.70 machine in the quarter, a 6.20 eighth-mile car, and is turn-key. You can finish your baby in time. But this Thunderbird is a right-now proposition, and it will thrill you just like the last time you tried out one of these deals.

Facebook Marketplace link: 1988 Ford Thunderbird Sport Coupe

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3 thoughts on “Money No Object: 1988 Ford Thunderbird – Ready For Battle

  1. Jeremy

    How long before ‘Birds of this vintage are swept up in the Fox body popularity? They’re very similar, just heavier and probably harder to find but they’re dirt cheap. I’ve wanted to mod a T-Bird since I was a teenager and would still love to do one

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