Survivor Alley: More Photo Coverage Of The 2018 Cincinnati Cavalcade of Customs!

Survivor Alley: More Photo Coverage Of The 2018 Cincinnati Cavalcade of Customs!

(Word and photos by Doug Gregory) – We are creatures of habit.  Proof:  when we enter a venue for any gearhead event we tend to begin our rounds from the same point and generally follow the same pathway as we have previously.  Maybe we start with a favorite or just what is directly in front of us.  At the Duke Energy Center in downtown Cincinnati those would be the same place – Survivor’s Alley.

It is directly to the right when you enter and contains the bulk of what we want to see.  No, not every car is a survivor.  The area needs a name that is not an inclusive moniker.  It does contain mostly traditional rods, customs, muscle cars, and racers. No doubt this section has most of the driven cars, those under construction, and those a little rough around the edges.  So much in here I’d like to write about, but I will keep my comments as short as I can (not easy for me).

Ryan Pope is resurrecting Glen Self’s ‘Big 6’ Chevy II from back in the old days.  It is a time capsule and it is in capable and caring hands.  There is no hiding our affinity for rides coming out of Cornfield Customs and two of our most-recent favorites are the green Larry Minges ’30 coupe and the Rouster (Watson-style two-seater Indy) Roadster.  We hope to bring you more on these when we get a chance to visit the shop again.  A little further down in the gallery you find Greg Wenz’s 1970 decal-covered Capri.  Just the kind of thing I would expect to see in a 70s copy of SSDI or PHR.  Look closely at some of the chassis detail shots in this gallery.  Some cool craftsmanship.  Yes….I love the 5-window blue Deuce.  47 years that C1 Vette sat neglected.  I’m not going to judge.  My firebird hasn’t turned a tire on a public road in almost 10 years and it’s not looking good for 2018 to change that.  The Ranchero is not 100% complete, but the paint is beyond belief.  Nailed it.  The cracked lacquer on this ’40 fit the car’s persona.  The oil pan is a remnant of an unfortunate accident with a jack.  Most of us have either been there or close to it.

Enjoy.  More to come.

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