More Race Photos: Drag Racing Action From Edgewater Sports Park

More Race Photos: Drag Racing Action From Edgewater Sports Park

Here’s our second gallery of photos from Doug Gregory’s coverage of the action at Edgewater Sports Park. We’ve still got some more stuff coming from Greg, but if you missed the previous Edgewater Galleries, including our first Straight Axle Mafia gallery, then use the link below to see them all.

(Words and Photos by Doug Gregory) Every photographer develops their own style either intentionally or it simply evolves. Though many of the photos you’d see online or in magazines may look similar, many are very unique in their perspective, composition, and editing. My stuff often encompasses the American flag if I can get it in the frame. I don’t really know how that developed other than I am a veteran and enjoy seeing Old Glory in the image. I could easily crop it out because the original files are so large and what we submit for publishing is a tiny fraction of that. I like good stuff in the background including sponsor banners, boards, and track logos so I try to frame my shots to encompass them when I can because without that support many tracks would struggle even more.

What you don’t usually see in my photos are many people though I am trying to overcome that. I’ve never liked photographing people and at an automotive event, I have always pretty much seen them as blocking my view of the subject matter. Over time I have come to the realization this has cheated me of many shots that would have been awesome had I chosen to include people in them.

I kinda pride myself on having improved over the years and generally crop less than 25% of the images I select to submit for a blog item. There should be little evidence I don’t run my photos through photoshop or lightroom to bump color, contrast, or brightness. I have done that in the past, but it’s been years ago. I didn’t intend for this to be a dissertation on photographic style, but I am also not going back to re-write it. Maybe just enjoy the photos and move along.


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