Nitro Revival Photos: This Is Our Last Gallery Of Photos From The Nitro Revival, For Reals This Time!

Nitro Revival Photos: This Is Our Last Gallery Of Photos From The Nitro Revival, For Reals This Time!

This is our third and final bonus gallery!

I legitimately missed three photos galleries worth of wheels up drag racing from the Nitro Revival and didn’t even realize it until today. Luckily, Wes pointed out that I had said that we ran all the photos when in fact we did not. Hmmm. Math is hard. At any rate, the good thing is I can show them off for everyone to enjoy now! Check them out below and use the link if you missed any of our previous photos.

(Photos by Wes Allison) The Nitro Revival at Irwindale is what has been described as a museum of the Golden Age of Drag Racing come to life, and with all these amazing cars on-site there is no doubt that it is all that and much more. We’re talking Fuel Altereds, Front Engine nitro-burning dragsters, Gassers, Funny Cars, and so much more. But it isn’t just about the cars, it’s also about the people who drove them, tuned them, and built them. The number of iconic cars pales only to the number of iconic people that were on site talking to the fans and telling stories from the good old days. This event is rad, plain and simple and Steve Gibbs truly hit a home run when he decided to put this whole event together.

“Nitro Revival brings back the sights and sounds of the early days of hot rodding,” Gibbs enthused, “and it lets fans experience a drag racing museum come to life, not only through the vehicles themselves, but through the presence of many of those who built, maintained and drove those cars at tracks like the original Irwindale Raceway and two San Gabriel Drag Strips.”

For some, the assemblage of nitro powered race cars, such as “Pure Hell,” the name of the legendary fuel altered owned by Rich Guasco, the Fitzgerald Family “Pure Heaven,” Ron Hope’s “Rat Trap,” and Randy Bradfords’s Fiat, will rekindle an image of the golden era of drag racing. Throw in the Hough family’s “Nanook,” the “Winged Express” made famous by the late Willie Borsch and Troy Glenn’s “Over the Hill Gang” entry, and you might believe you’re back in the ‘60s.”


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