Old Gray Mare, Part Two: The Rattiest Musclecar Hits The Highway

Old Gray Mare, Part Two: The Rattiest Musclecar Hits The Highway

If there ever was a face for an underdog, man, does this Mustang II Cobra have it. Covered in lichen, mold, rust, and the thick layer of hatred for the Blue Oval’s effort to keep the Mustang spirit alive during the epoch of earth tones, disco and a general atmosphere of nobody giving half a crap, this Cobra was supposed to be the sporting face of the lineup. This was the Farrah Fawcett car, the chariot for Charlie’s angel. Instead, it looks like something dragged off of the back end of Bandix Road. It looks like the automotive equivalent of a zombie, complete with nearly destroyed tires, a missing turn signal lens, and the center section of the spoiler detatched from the body. How does it live? How does it move? What madman willfully brought this cursed thing to life once more?

Um…yeah. That would be the nice, pleasant gentleman over there. Mr. McCool. The man who treated a dead Challenger to a second life and the man who nuked the tires off of a Chrysler Cordoba so hard he set the road on fire.

I’m cheering on this car, even if nobody else is. I can’t help it, this thing is too good. It’s the perfect ratty muscle machine…it’s not fast, it’s not valuable, but it can be fun when it’s done up right, it’s a bucks-down entry point, and I promise you that someone will have a Mustang II story to share with you wherever you go, good, bad, or otherwise. Ford sold enough of ’em back in the day. So it’s time to put on new brake rotors the size of teacups, find some fresh trailer tires for those thirteen-inch wheels, and hit the road to the Ratty Muscle Cars’ “318 Fest” in a rolling testament to the proof that anything can be fun if you…

Wait. Any car can be fast if you…

Ugh, dammit…it’s better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow?

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