Relive The Most Monstrous Wheelstand Of The Entire 2014 NHRA US Nationals

Relive The Most Monstrous Wheelstand Of The Entire 2014 NHRA US Nationals

Among all of the things that happen at the US Nationals, one of the most fun is the Factory Showdown class. This is where the Cobra Jets, COPOs, and Drag Packs get together for all out war on the quarter mile. It is the biggest gathering of these factory “package” cars in the world and there’s lots of ego and reputation on the line. Various tuning houses and engine builders put their best foot forward to gain publicity and new business for this thing and the people who own these things want to be the fastest with their particular combo.

Don Fezell of Dubois, Pennsylvania has been running his blown 5.4L Cobra Jet for several years now. Initially equipped with a manual transmission, the car was changed to an automatic last year and the results were impressive. For a time it was the quickest stock eliminator car in the world having run 8.50 with a little change behind it. At the US Nationals last year it become one of the biggest wheel stand holding stockers in the world with the massive flight you will see below.

The car dead hooks and climbs pretty majestically. The impressive stuff is how long it stays up and the angle it stays up at. Eventually Fezell was forced to declare no mas! and lift but it was a show that few stock eliminator cars have ever put on at Indy before.

This year’s Factory Showdown class will be even more exciting with ever quicker and more powerful examples of these cars having been released by the Big 3. Be There! If not stay here and we’ll keep you up to date on the happenings.


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