Watch Robert Hight’s Crazed Trip Into The Net At The 2017 NHRA World Finals

Watch Robert Hight’s Crazed Trip Into The Net At The 2017 NHRA World Finals

Robert Hight enters the 2018 NHRA World Finals as the second runner in the fuel funny car points chase. If you think that worries him one bit, you missed the memo on what he did in 2017. The murky weekend in Southern California was the scene of one of the most manic and completely insane funny car performances of all time as Hight qualified for the field on his last attempt after his car was a near unmanageable mess for the first three. Then eliminations happened.

In the semi-final round, Hight needed a round win and some other magic to actually lock up the title. A shot that was months in the making after Hight barely made it into the Countdown to the Championship and along with his hard working crew, chipped and clawed his way to the top week after week.

The seminal moment of his season came in the semi-finals as luck would have it. Winning the round, the car exploded into a ball of flames and as it blew up, shot across the track to the left, banged the wall, and then rocketed into the sand trap and ultimately the net a high speed.

The burly Hight climbed out of the car and you can tell he was both angry and shocked at the events of moments before. It would be a short while later that he’d wait and watch from the top end to witness the unfolding of events that would make him the champion.

I have seen lots of stuff in drag racing but Robert Hight’s 2017 World Finals Sunday will forever rank among the most incredible.

Press play below to see Robert Hight hit the sand for the first time in his career –

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