Rocky Mountain Race Week 2020, From Pueblo – With Heat Exhaustion!

Rocky Mountain Race Week 2020, From Pueblo – With Heat Exhaustion!

Ok, let’s get this out of the way right now: Pueblo Motorsports Park’s drag strip is also part of their road course. Therefore, there is a flagger station on the track…which, as any of you who tuned into the live stream saw, was in the way of where we were parked the moment we got internet signal that was worth a damn. I’m not apologizing for that. I couldn’t go tip it over. I couldn’t go sawzall it down. I couldn’t move without screwing up the live stream. No excuses…you got the best I could give you, and I did it in some impressively hot conditions…at first.

Genuine truth: during the summer months, we tend to shoot at locations where the sun is no longer your friend providing daylight to your blooming flowers and your growing garden, but is more like a Super Mario enemy. Pueblo is always hotter than Denver or Colorado Springs, and it was no different on Sunday. I actually told Haley to have cold water ready and to prepare to drive back to the hotel in case I was too out of it. Luckily, a late-afternoon Rockies thunderstorm rolled in pretty much on time, blocked out the sun, knocked the temperatures down to downright nice levels, and we ran a hell of a race that evening before we packed up, grabbed some food, and prepared for one absolutely stunning knockout of a drive up to Bandimere. Here’s the 1320Video’s crew view from the race in Pueblo, including the freak show six-door Cadillac limo that gave me a bit of a flashback:


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One thought on “Rocky Mountain Race Week 2020, From Pueblo – With Heat Exhaustion!

  1. Scott Liggett

    I was at every track racing, I had a tent to get shade as well. It was ugly. Bryan is an ironman to be up on that scaffolding all day. No way would I want that job.

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