Awesome Video: The Story of The Royal Bobcat Package As Told By Jim Wangers

Awesome Video: The Story of The Royal Bobcat Package As Told By Jim Wangers

I really dig Pontiacs. I grew up with a dad who liked them and there’s something that the brand really captured in the 1960s that still speaks to me today. Jim Wangers was one of the guys instrumental in taking the performance ethos of Pontiac to the masses and to this day he is a tireless cheerleader for all the great stuff that the brand did 50 years ago. In fact, he stars in this video, sharing the story of the famed “Royal Bobcat” package that was offered by Michigan dealer Royal Pontiac back in the day. There’s some neat stuff in the video, mainly that the dealer was closely tied to the factory and its engineers when they actually developed the package.

Really, the Royal Bobcate package was a set of established hot rodding tweaks. More timing, re-jetted carbs, fresh air intake, etc. The beauty of it was that the engineering connection to Pontiac meant that the package was “factory approved” and did not mangle the warranty. It woke these things up for sure and on the streets and strip a Royal Bobcat package car could do some damage against the other muscle bound competition of the day.

We’ll like Wangers do the talking below. Fun insight into one of the neater aspects of Pontiac performance history here!

Press play below to see and hear Jim Wangers tell the Royal Bobcat story –

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3 thoughts on “Awesome Video: The Story of The Royal Bobcat Package As Told By Jim Wangers

  1. Douchebagtommy

    This will probably piss some of you off but this Jim Wangers guy is the Kiss (the band) of the car hobby. Always looking for the next chance for attention. I’m not a big Pontiac guy but I like them. You can’t watch any kind of video on a Pontiac without seeing this guy and his fake hair. Give it a rest Jim!!

  2. 69rrboy

    He did give it up when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2014 and moved into an assistant living center. He would be 93 now. Not even sure if he’s still with us at this point.

  3. ratpatrol66

    No doubt Wangers was an attention whore! He is still kicking in a retirement home and he gave up the toupee years ago, FINALLY!!! Pontiac was killing it in the drags and Nascar in 61/62. GM racing ban killed the racing end but they kept it up on the street during the 60s.


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