Street Car Takeover Bowling Green: For A Moment, All Was Right With The World

Street Car Takeover Bowling Green: For A Moment, All Was Right With The World

So here’s the full disclosure on how Friday went down: for some reason my heat-soaked brain didn’t comprehend that racing happened on a Friday for the first time in decades and I left home only expecting to get passes to get into Beech Bend and NCM Motorsports Park, maybe get a few pics with my phone, and be on my way. I figured on having a long day on Saturday, plenty of work on Sunday, and would go back to the everyday routine of 2020 on Monday. That went to hell in a handbasket when I saw Haley’s uncle pulling in for the show. He asked me if I was shooting the racing, my mind did a hard reset (after about five seconds of the “blue screen of death”) and I did that hurried, “Um, gotta go, I’ll see you later!” deal before sprinting to the car with my wife on the phone: “Quick, get the camera gear together NOW! No time to explain!”

I’m glad I rushed, because any action this year is better than no action at all. Normally, Street Car Takeover is a wild-ass affair…roll racing, heads-up racing, no-prep and no-time stuff, drifting, name it. We don’t need to explain for the thousandth time why attendance and car count was down for this year, but there was still plenty to see and enjoy from the no-prep runs made on Friday night under the lights. One of the more evil street hustlers in the region came out to play in the unassuming, black late-model Mustang. The ultimate farm truck Dodge dually came out wearing slicks as wide as super-singles and started busting off twelves. Catfish Camaros being bang-shifted with violence would cock sideways down the track every time the next cog was brought in as a relief for the last. Tire smoke hung in the humid August air, a fog that helped everyone who was enjoying themselves forget for a moment what a dumpster fire the outside world is at the moment.

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