Strip Visit: Cool Cars And Trucks At Mooresville Dragway’s Test And Tune Night With A Bonus Gasser!

Strip Visit: Cool Cars And Trucks At Mooresville Dragway’s Test And Tune Night With A Bonus Gasser!

Know what a drag racing announcer does the day before he goes to the drag races? He goes to the drag races, ya big dummy! Continuing to share some of my adventure with Eric Yost and the guys, the last stop of the day I made with the group was at Mooresville Dragway which is less than two miles from Big Gun Customs and if we were able to walk through the woods, it would be a few hundred yards at best. The track is an old school eighth-mile that has the unique distinction of being the only track I know about where the neighbors actually invested in the place to make it better and have not tried to put it out of business. Really, you ask? Sure. When your neighbors are guys like Jason Line and Greg Anderson, good things are bound to happen. KB racing is even closer than Yost and they use the track to break in tires, test chassis adjustments, etc.

I love visiting new tracks. It is literally my favorite thing in the world to roll up, buy a ticket, and just sit in the stands and take the place in for a while. It is a rare occasion when I am at a track and am not “on duty” so when I have the chance to just be a fan, I take it every time I get it. This was an oddly interesting visit to Mooresville. Minutes before I rolled through the gate a guy had wrecked a 2014 Mustang at the top end pretty hard and since it is a steel guardrail type of place the crew had to work for a long time to get that stuff straightened back up and into place again. I actually didn’t see a single car go down the track BUT I did troll the pits to bring you this gallery of great cars from Mooresville.

If you get the chance to visit Mooresville dragway, you’ll get an authentic southern eighth mile experience at an old track that is rolling along as part of its community. There’s nothing cooler than that.

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