The Truly Mental: Drag Bikes At Santa Pod Raceway

The Truly Mental: Drag Bikes At Santa Pod Raceway

A rundown of my personal bests: Top speed, 172 MPH. Fastest quarter-mile to date, [email protected] MPH. Fastest speed on a motorcycle? About eighty miles per hour on a fire road on a Yamaha YZ80 at full chat in fifth gear, and I was all but certain that I was going to die in the process. I had bigger bikes later on before I hopped off of racing machines for good, but the combination of the YZ80’s power and at the time, my lighter weight, made for a wicked combination. I understand mastering the art of two wheels, but I do not understand drag racing a motorcycle, especially one that thumps out more horsepower than your typical hot-boi LS turbo build. Have you ever seen a Pro Stock Bike-style machine in action before? It’s insanity. Pure, unadulterated, fire-fueled insanity. I’ll go try to jump a dirt bike again, twenty-two years after I gave that up, before I’ll ever suit up in leathers, throw on a helmet and expect something good to come out of what will happen next. My self-preservation instinct is in perfect working order, thank you kindly.

I have no choice but to stand in awe of what these riders do on each run. Their right wrist controls the performance of a Top Fuel machine and it’s not a gentle deal, either: drop the clutch and hold on for your life. It’s just a few seconds, but it’s also just a two-wheeled variation of a Hellfire missile, too. It’s going to leave like a black hole was pulling it down the track. It’s going to strain every last muscle on your body to control it. Better you than I, that’s all I can say…

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5 thoughts on “The Truly Mental: Drag Bikes At Santa Pod Raceway

  1. Brendan M

    These are awesome!
    But imagine what it was like for guys like Bill Warner, taking a turbo Hayabusa up to over 300mph in the mile and a half!

  2. Danno

    There’s a good reason nitro bike riders have to wear a steel plate under their leathers to cover their chest area. They are laying on top of a bomb that sooner or later will go off. I also have ridden dirt bikes, some medium fast street bikes and bracket raced a Mustang. I recall laying on the tank of my brother in laws Honda 350 when I was like 14 trying to get it to go 100 mph wearing nothing but a t shirt, shorts and flip flops. I loved all of it and can say unequivocally that I wouldn’t ride one of those suckers for all the tea in China..

  3. CyberRanger

    There’s a reason they don’t do psychological exams on top fuel riders. They’re all effin’ nuts. It’s a requirement.

    I’ll stick to nice safe things like jumpin’ out airplanes, fast roping from helos & playin’ with C4.

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