Woah: The Untouchable Jet Dragster Is For Sale – 50+ Year Old Early Example Of The Breed

Woah: The Untouchable Jet Dragster Is For Sale – 50+ Year Old Early Example Of The Breed

There are not that many opportunities anymore to get your hands on a functional (we think) and literal piece of drag racing history. This is one of those times as the original Untouchable jet dragster has come up for sale. Built by Romeo Palamides in the early 1960s, this thing is a half century old and from the visual appearance of it in photos is actually half way cool looking. Power comes from a J-47 engine that makes 6,000lbs of thrust, the driver’s cockpit is literally on the tip of the spear, and we promise no one in your town has one.

The big question of course is what to do with something like this. You cannot run it at full speed on a track because, well, death. Romeo’s stuff was not ever known to be exceptionally nice even when brand new so the toll of time over a half-century is likely to have made stuff even scarier. You totally could get the turbine back into working order and do smoke and fire shows at vintage/historic racing events. Burner pops and a fire show are a fun pat of the jet car experience and with this car’s history of touring, people from all over would likely love to get another glimpse of it. Thirdly, that J-47 makes some of the best chest thumping afterburner thuds known to man.

This car was very well traveled. Built only a couple of years after Walt Arfons built his Green Monster jet car, the similarities of design are impossible to ignore. From the pointy nose to the seating position, Romeo made his own version of the Arfons’ car. As the market for these machines at tracks for exhibitions was exploding Untouchable surely made Palamides a pile of dough back in the day.

Now it can be yours, incredibly!

eBay: The Untouchable Jet Dragster is for sale – amazing it is still intact 

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