Unveiled: 2020 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak – Fourth-Gen Factory Racer!

Unveiled: 2020 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak – Fourth-Gen Factory Racer!

Four generations of Challenger Drag Pak. Four. It’s amazing that FCA has stuck with the limited-edition drag machine, but at SEMA 2019, they rolled out the newest form of the professional’s coupe to pick up. While they are hoping most of your attention is focused on the retro-tinged paint job, it’s the hardware we are concerned with. As with all Drag Pak cars, they start out as body-in-white units that get an SFI-spec rollcage good to 7.50 in the quarter before getting a new Strange rear axle assembly that runs adjustable coil-over shocks, a four-link with a wishbone and an anti-roll bar. Wheelie bars and the parachute mount are standard items on the Drag Pak, which is probably a good thing…especially if you’ve ever seen the footage of Rutledge Wood pointing the headlights at the sky in one a few years back.

A Drag Pak-unique engine crossmember lowers the center of gravity, and Bilstein double-adjustable shocks handle the bounces that the 354 cubic inch mill is likely to incur. Transmission is a T400 automatic with a Kwik-Shift manual shifter. A Racepak Smartwire fully programmable power distribution center handles the sparky stuff, Drag Paks get their own exclusive wheel and tire package and racing brakes, natch.

The only other change for the 2020 Drag Pak is the switch to Hellcat body panels for extra heat extraction. Otherwise, this is the same beast that Ma Mopar has been selling to hot shoes for years now. If you want to be one of the fifty for this year’s coming allotment, you’d better get moving.

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8 thoughts on “Unveiled: 2020 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak – Fourth-Gen Factory Racer!

  1. KCR

    I am a true Mopar guy. But ya lost me with a TH400 trans. They haven’t made the 400 from GM for years. So why couldn’t they have used a 727. They can be made to handle anything that engine will put out. Sorry mopar ya dropped the trans ball on this one. Other than that its kick ass!

  2. Ted

    As a self proclaimed dinosaur it makes me smile at this stage in life that you can walk in and buy one of these if you know the right person or have the racing creds. I’m with KCR on the tranny thing though, even if it’s not a deal breaker there has to be more than one Mopar diehard who is cringing at the thought of his car having bow tie parts…

    Have to admit, the new colours are stunning. Anyone close to Mission buys one of these can I get a ride down the track?………..

  3. 69rrboy

    Probably won’t matter what tranny is in the car. After 2018 Phord whined and cried like they always do and had the rules changed in their favor and you see what happened with that this year.

    So IF I had to guess Chebby will do the same thing this off season and NHRA will make it a point to handicap the hell out of the Dodges even more and make them 3rd fastest just like they want them to be. A shame but that will NEVER change.

    Agree with Patrick. I haven’t watched one pass of pro-waste since they hosed the Dodges out of competition(notice a theme there??). If they ended that class today I wouldn’t even notice.

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