Unveiled: Jeff Lutz’s “The ’57” Chevrolet – It’s One Wicked Mother!

Unveiled: Jeff Lutz’s “The ’57” Chevrolet – It’s One Wicked Mother!

Here’s a fun story: a couple of days ago I got to see the wrong end of the security team at Beech Bend. I had made plans to be down there to shoot photos of the Rustic Nail & Co. Dodge on the track, but when I pulled up to the gate there were several individuals who were more than adamant that I wasn’t getting in, no way, no how. I left in a full boil, not quite sure as to what the hell happened. I didn’t know that just out of sight from where I was at was a ’57 Chevy that was undergoing testing. Had I been allowed inside Beech Bend, I wouldn’t have been allowed to take out a phone or camera and I would’ve had to have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Why all the trouble? Because Street Outlaws is a monster of a television show, regardless of your views on the subject, and because Jeff Lutz was shaking down and testing out his latest and greatest creation that is slated to become the next car on the show. This is “The ’57”, and the only true departure from Lutz’s typical style is the orange paint. Other than that, it’s an evil steel roof and quarters 1957 Chevrolet that is built to haul copious amounts of ass in the quarter mile. The powertrain is a twin-turbocharged big-block Chevrolet that is pushing ungodly amounts of horsepower hooked up to a Rossler automatic and it’s flying light. All the indications from the Lutz camp on the way to the starting line was that this Chevy is eye-opening to everybody on the team. It’s a beast, and it’s debut run at Beech Bend backed that up. Someone might want to warn the GTO owner that a professional is looking for a crown…

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8 thoughts on “Unveiled: Jeff Lutz’s “The ’57” Chevrolet – It’s One Wicked Mother!

  1. Gump

    Security teams locking down a track so a car can do some testing? Sounds just like the professional classes we all despise.

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