US-60 Drag Strip Nostalgia Day: Photos From The Pits

US-60 Drag Strip Nostalgia Day: Photos From The Pits

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – We’d never been.  Though we REALLY like the Straight-Axle Mafia (US-60 is their official ‘home’), nostalgia racing, and old tracks with history we’ve never been.  And get this….its IN TOWN.  Expecting to find it just outside of town we drive right past it and completely missed the sign (complete with a Christmas tree).

The track opened in 1964 alongside highway 60 and was an immediate success.  Many of the sport’s famous (or infamous) names have raced there over the years.  The tower is a unique piece with a panoramic view of the surroundings.  The people are friendly and the track seems to have some decent hook as you will see in other articles.  After a full day there my son and I have decided this is our new favorite track.  We will definitely be back.

Some highlights:

Awesome black T coupe

Shorty ’57 that prefers to be on its back two tires

‘Zorro’s Charger’ Kellison

Gorgeous blue Catalina


Click the images below to expand them and then see ’em all by scrolling!

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