Watch The Luv Grudge Truck Make A Header Flamin’, Nitrous Infected dyno pull – One Mean Small Block

Watch The Luv Grudge Truck Make A Header Flamin’, Nitrous Infected dyno pull – One Mean Small Block

(Video credit: NXGonzo channel) – The Grude/No Time drag racing world is become more popular by the minute. Young guys with insanely quick stuff running for cash sums that would make lots of us whiz down our leg and talking smack like their lives depend on it, this is a youthful and rebellious part of the sport. There are great driver nicknames, great car nicknames, and plenty of personality to back it all up with. That the truck featured in the video below. Known as “The Luv”, it is based in Texas and can be found all over the internet racing at drag strips and, uhhh, not drag strips. Multiple stages of Nitrous Expess plumbing feed what must be one of the angriest small block Chevy engines in al of drag racing. You are going to see it make a dyno rip here and you already know this but no numbers are given. The entertainment comes when the spray comes in, the fuel ramps up, the timing comes out, and the header flames lick right down the side of the truck.

Running a small 28″ tall tire in the back, the small, light little truck was built about a decade and a half ago and the guys running have a good handle on how to make it down prepped tracks, none-prepped tracks, and occasionally a city street. As the grudge scene continues to grow and evolve we’re interested to see where it all goes and how it changes. From totally awesome rigs like The Luv to full blown tube chassis cars that look like Pro Mods, there’s currently a niche for everyone. Will it stay that way?

One thing we do know is that stuff like The Luv is the heart and soul of grudge and no-time. Stuff that you cannot possibly look at and know how quick it is. Stuff that is the product of lots of hard work and clever thinking. Stuff that is run by a small group of friends, not some tractor trailer, full crew operation. We hope this truck has a long future in front of it.

Press play below to see The Luv make a nitrous dyno pull – flames galore!

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