We’ve Never Seen A Buick Regal Like This One! And It’s Buick Powered, Too!

We’ve Never Seen A Buick Regal Like This One! And It’s Buick Powered, Too!

When I read the words, “World’s Fastest Buick”, a 1988-89 Buick Regal was the last car I was expecting. A Grand National? Possible. A Grand Sport or a GSX? Okay. But the W-body Regal, complete with the door handles in the B-pillar? Nope, not in a million years. Buick did eventually make up for the early W-body Regal by giving the later models supercharged V6 power, but no way was the early GM10-style Regal anything to crow about. The Grand National, T-type and GNX were dead and Buick had made the judgement call that soft, fluffy luxury was going to win the day. Doesn’t look like it worked out in the end, but what do we know about selling cars?

At the start of the 1990s, no GM team would’ve had the fortitude to make a play for any kind of V8, let alone 530 cubic inches of extremely angry Buford power, and certainly not with a 14-71 blower or a Lenco four-gear. In fact, a factory Buick drag racer is kind of a stretch when you think about it. but Rod Hendrickson’s Regal is a beast that is ready to feast. Fresh from a working-over, the alcohol-injected Regal is looking to keep the crown as the world’s fastest Buick, and from these test shots at Byron Dragway, they’ll be just fine.

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10 thoughts on “We’ve Never Seen A Buick Regal Like This One! And It’s Buick Powered, Too!

  1. john

    Rod has the fastest buick door car. John Everett is will be doing it in a buick powered front engine dragster. and there is few more of us coming to prove buick is not a ‘retirement’ car.

  2. ratpatrol66

    I knew T/A Performance was making good stuff for big HP Buicks but nothing like this. Simply BADASS!!! As far as the fastest nail head powered Buick? That would still be Tommy Ivo I’m guessing?

  3. Shane Thekan, Palmyra, WI.

    Thanks for giving Rod and Danie some ink.
    He got the record in October of 2015 and few have published it.
    He’s worked extremely hard at this for over 15 years and does anything he can himself.
    I’ve been friends with Rod and Danie as a fellow Buick racer sine we pitted next to each other in Bowling Green in 2000.
    Lots of one off parts, help from friends, self education, and PHD’s in trial and error learned the hard way on a working man’s budget with little in the way of sponsorship.
    All the engine parts will bolt up to a standard Buick block if one wanted to, that’s a big deal.
    Problems kept him from breaking his own record at the Buick Nationals this year, but the car is set to smash it in 2019.
    This is a real homespun effort that lacks the recognition it deserves.
    Thanks again for writing about it.

  4. Booker T Collins

    To really see this car lay it down go to grand sport club of america web site at Bowling Green Kentucky

  5. DanStokes

    AMAZING! Love see that engine in a T/F chassis just for fun. Or maybe a LSR effort? Sorry – LOVE BBBs and would like to see that power spread around a bit.


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