Sketch Of A Build: This 1965 LeMans Looks Like It May Be One Of The Coolest True Pontiacs Ever

Sketch Of A Build: This 1965 LeMans Looks Like It May Be One Of The Coolest True Pontiacs Ever

Josiah Coy is a guy who has been building killer cars for years now. About a decade ago he showed up art SEMA with a drop dead gorgeous Pontiac and it really helped to launch him. From full bore , chalk mark restorations to hot rod builds, Josiah’s shop Coy Bilt does it all.

We were chatting with him recently and he told us about a 1965 LeMans project that he had schemed up and we wanted to share it with you. The plan is to have this car ready for SEMA 2018 and we’re telling you right now that BangShifters will dig this. Spoiler alert: THERE’S NO LS MOTOR IN SIGHT.

Like what you see? Shoot Josiah a note at [email protected] if you wan to own this thing!

Here’s the build plan from Coy Bilt’s Josiah Coy –

I really am trying hard to build a car that has 60’s influence and looks the part, I didn’t want to do the current pro touring trend of billet parts, carbon, etc.

– The car consist of a 1965 lemans body shell with stock appearing trunk floor, but everything else is cut out. The rear trunk panel area where it says pontiac is now vented with black wire mesh and billet bars going horizontal to mimic the factory tail panel. the reason is to remove high pressure out of the body at high speed.
The cowl has been heavily modified for twin Porsche 928 rectangle air filters with custom made air boxes under the windshield. A tube then comes out of the firewall from each air box to each blower. (this allows for direct cool air to the blowers, even though there is a air to water intercooler in the intake.
-roadster shop chassis with IRS that is modified mildly for our app.(nothing like taking a cut off wheel to a 26k dollar chassis) We changed the over axle transition so the trunk floor can remain stock appearing.
– roughly 55 gallon fuel cell that protrudes through the bottom of the trunk floor and top.
(Similar to what ford did in the 60s with the late trans am mustangs.)
– wilwood 6 piston disc radial mount superlites with a 14 inch rotors front
radial 6 piston calipers rear with 14 inch rotors (nickel finish calipers)
– floor mount wilwood pedal assembly ( not sure if it was smart but it looks cool)
– penske coil overs.
– 1 7/8 .120 wall 14 point cage think semi stock car

– real deal knock off 19 inch FIA/early corvette grand sport wheels 19×9 up front and 19×13 rear

-the car has been mini tubed 5 inches per side with stock appareling wheel wells and trunk floor.

-fire safe 3 nozzle fire suppression system.

– The dash consist of classic instrument individual gauges (very similar to old stewart warner gauges in the bruce mclaren black GT40) All the swathes on the dash will be directly under the gauges were the factory pontiac switches were yet all will be lucas style rocker switches similar to a cobra or D type jag race car.

– The seats are removable with two different versions, low back buckets that are similar in design to cobra or XKE seats for the street and high back buckets with hans device etc for the track.  both will be wrapped in red leather.


– all aluminum pontiac block from all

-521 cubic inches

– billet steel scat crank

– aluminum DCI motor sports ram air V heads (475 CFM intake Flow) intake ports measure 3 inches across and exhaust ports are 2 3/8 across

– dual quad low rise tunnel ram with twin 2000 CFM 4 barrel throttle bodies with air to water intercooler

– ARE 5 stage dry sump pump and stefs oil pan.

– twin paxton nova 2000 blowers

– custom made Tri  Y style stock car headers start off at 2 1/4 primary to 2 3/8 to 2.5 to 3 inch to 3.5 then into 4 inch dual exhaust exiting the quarter panels.

-tremec T56 transmission with micro polished, nitride gears.
spray bar with external oil pump and cooler.

-mcleoud twin disc clutch
-Modified quick time bell housing

– diff is a aluminum 9 inch center section
gleason stock car gear set, turned down from 9 inch to 8.75 gear set,
pinion has been hexed for tex racing oil pump, gears have been micro polished and ring gear has been back cut for reduced rotating mass.

– roadster shop design IRS setup with Drive shaft shop 108mm CV joints and chrome-moly shafts



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