This 1968 Ford Commercial Promoting Their Big Car Lineup Is Awesome! (Why Are They In The Woods?)

This 1968 Ford Commercial Promoting Their Big Car Lineup Is Awesome! (Why Are They In The Woods?)

So for starters you all know that we love the large barge cars produced by everyone in the late 1960s. These behemoths were designed to eat up miles of interstate and do so in an expedient fashion with powerful big block engines in their long noses. Ford made some of the best looking stuff of the era with their LTD and Galaxie variants. The hidden headlight LTD nose that is revealed in this commercial is both sinister and cool. The 428 powered Galaxie is the way we’d swing though, given the chance to jump back in time and throw down at a dealer for a brandy new car. Oh, we’d have it in the fastback coupe variant as well. Such an awesome look in all of its massive glory.

The one thing that is funny to us about this ad is the fact that the cars are all cruising around on like logging roads in the forest. What’s the point of that? The Redwoods look bad ass but it is an odd visual to see these big cars bounding through the woods. Maybe it is supposed to give us the impression of ruggedness and strength? We have a hard time believing that people took their cars into the woods like this on a regular basis, especially with the top down as is illustrated by the convertible model.

This ad brings up another point. Ford sold almost 900,000 of these big cars in 1968 and as we all know the company has announced that they were all but abandoning the production of traditional and small sedans because of the fact that CUVs, SUVs, and trucks are dominating their sales and show no signs of abating. A half century after the company made it bones selling way more cars than trucks, the script has flipped and now the cars are seen as some sort of an albatross hanging around Ford’s corporate neck. That’s a pretty strange thing and we’re not sure how the company fares if they actually go ahead with axing their production in that way. One thing is for sure, we’ll never see the likes of these big beasts again.

Press play below to see this awesome 1968 Ford ad for their big car lineup –

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