This 1989 IROC-Z Is A 55,000 Mile Survivor We Wish Was Ours

This 1989 IROC-Z Is A 55,000 Mile Survivor We Wish Was Ours

3rd Gen Camaros are hot right now, especially the IROC-Z. In fact we know a couple of different guys who are purchasing them up as quick as they can and then selling them off to fellow hot rodders. Deals are out there to be had if you find one with an owner that isn’t a hardcore enthusiast. At the same time, there are cars out there that people know are worth real money and the price shows it. But what is a 1989 IROC-Z hardtop worth if it has less than 55,000 miles on it and is near mint. I say near because there is a little bit of clear coat sun damage on the very top. That wouldn’t stop me from driving the wheels off of it of course.

The inside of this one is near mint as well. Even the radio and heater controls are perfect! The seller is asking nearly $12,000 for this one and I have no idea whether it is actually worth it or not. It is way out of our budget, but man it sure is nice. Of course, I’d be swapping out the engine and trans so the low mileage thing might be a waste on us. But if you want a really clean and nice all original IROC-Z, this could be the one for you.

Here is the info from the seller:

– 1989 Camaro iroc-z in dark red metallic

– 55,000 original miles

– 5.7 L, 350 CI engine

– All original & unmolested

* no low ball offers please

– call/text 949-612-5700

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2 thoughts on “This 1989 IROC-Z Is A 55,000 Mile Survivor We Wish Was Ours

  1. geo815

    Unmolested, 350 and no leak-tops? Hate to admit it, but if I had the cash, this Ford guy would buy it, mainly out of nostalgia, and the fact that they are fun to drive – with the stereo up and the windows down to drown out the door and dash noise.

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