2017 Boston Auto Show Gallery: Shiny New Stuff From Mild To Exotic

2017 Boston Auto Show Gallery: Shiny New Stuff From Mild To Exotic

The Boston Auto Show is the yearly “big one” for people looking to get out and see what many of the car companies will be offering for sale in the coming years. It is a place where you can “try cars on” see cool exotica that you’d never be able to afford, dream about the stuff you want, and mock the stuff that you hate. It certainly is not in league with Detroit, or LA in terms of impact and national recognition but each year there are some interesting reveals and models shown at the event.

We snuck into the show during the press day this year and attended a slew of conferences with different companies touting their new models. Aston Martin chose Boston to reveal its DB11 coupe which is a stunning, lithe, bad ass thing and Bentley chose Boston to debut the Flying Spur W12S at the Boston show. That behemoth of a sedan makes well over 600hp and has a top speed of more than 204mph.

On the more normal side, Chevrolet had a 2.0L four cylinder Camaro on the floor as well as a fleet of trucks and SUVs while Dodge went right to the heart of the matter in New England with its V-plow equipped Ram 2500. They know what people are looking for!

On Sunday I went back to the show with Tom and Jack and this event is literal nirvana for them. Hundreds of cars that they can check out, sit in, and form opinions on. We were there for hours until they had basically worn the bottoms of their pants out sitting in stuff. It was as fun way to spend a January Sunday. It was interesting to listen to the opinions people have about cars as well. By interesting I mean maddening. That’s another story for another day, though.

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