2018 Hot Rod Hullabaloo Photo Coverage: Our Last Blast Of Fresh Photos From The Show

2018 Hot Rod Hullabaloo Photo Coverage: Our Last Blast Of Fresh Photos From The Show

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – The end is here, but don’t fret because it’s only the conclusion of our 2018 Hullabaloo coverage.  It was a long day for me, but I got to see a bunch of folks I hadn’t over the summer and the cars were a treat.

If you haven’t been to the Hullabaloo, I suggest you make plans to attend at least once.  The atmosphere is perfect, there’s plenty of gearhead scenery, the food and music is good, and this supports a really good cause.  Most of us have known someone who took their own life unexpectedly.  Everyone has troubles and the mission of Shelby’s Way is to let folks know there are people who care and want to help.  If you can’t make the haul to be at the Hullabaloo there are several other events throughout the year to attend and many other ways you can be a part of this effort.

This last gallery is made up from selections of literally the last 100 or so photos I took that day.  Some of these are cars that came in a bit late and I didn’t see them until making another sweep up the street.

Really like the red. drop-top Barracuda with the white interior.  What a great weekend cruiser that must be.

The light copper early 2nd-gen Camaro was strutting its survivor status.  It looked just like one I saw on a used car lot in my teens.

The burgundy ’65-’66 fastback Mustang sounded plenty healthy with its fuel-injected small block.  The convo pro wheels are a nice throwback and a somewhat welcome departure from the normal torque thrusts or drag lites.

Billy Winburn’s slammed Ford truck begins a row of vehicles that caravanned over from Louisville.  These folks definitely get around.  A bunch of them have even driven to the LARS.

Lastly, Joe Hall’s stunning 9-sec ’67 Chevelle didn’t even make it 100ft from its parking spot before Barney pulled him over.  They really did have the lights and siren going and actually stuffed Joe in the backseat for a couple photos.  He seemed to be really comfortable with the experience so I wonder if that’s from how often he’s done this.  He’s had that thing long enough it’s likely local law enforcement know it well.  We’ve featured it before and you can find that here:


Thanks for checking out our coverage and as always, we hope you enjoyed.

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