2018 Hot Rod Hullabaloo Photo Gallery: More, Cars, Music, Trucks, and Fun!

2018 Hot Rod Hullabaloo Photo Gallery: More, Cars, Music, Trucks, and Fun!

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – Not everyone jumped right on the drying process and I am pretty glad for that.  I don’t really mind shooting cars with beads of water on them.  When the light sprinkles were ending so I got to clicking the shutter with fury to get what I could before the growing heat got me dragging myself around.  The venue of Contract street makes for a pretty easy trod from end to end, but you got to check out each parking lot because stuff can sneak in and you not catch it.  Some of that happened, but I think we only missed one or two.

Did I mention there was live music…?  Lots of it and the headline band was Danny Dean and the Homewreckers.  It was the Sax player from this band that last year inspired my youngest son to take up playing and after 8 months he’s joined the school band and is 2nd chair with his Alto.  He wants a Tenor, but he also wants a ’66 Mustang coupe.  He might have to choose between the two because a decent example of either are pretty pricey.

In this grouping:

Just because I missed the downhill racing action doesn’t mean I didn’t take pictures of these creative rides.  I really like this stuff and one day we might build our own.

I’m a fan of the GM cars from ’49 to ’54.  There were several great examples on-hand.  From stock to mild-custom all were cool.

We overheard the blue Corvair was/is a 17,000 mile original.  Aside from the custom roof, pinstriping, and some other touches this thing is as delivered to the dealership.

The ’68-’69 Riviera was looking sweet sitting in the shade.  We really don’t see many of these early models.

Enjoy the images and visit again for more from the 2018 Hot Rod Hullabaloo.

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