2018 SEMA Photo Coverage: The Last Blast From The Camera Of Lohnes

2018 SEMA Photo Coverage: The Last Blast From The Camera Of Lohnes

(Photos by the author) – From rat rods to OEM offerings, the SEMA show really has everything you’d ever want to check out as a gearhead. For years it was just Ford up front, Chevy in the middle, Honda and Toyota in the corners and that was that for OEMs. Now there are great displays from companies like KIA out there capturing the attention of young enthusiasts as they try to build their brand. It is interesting to see what they OEMs show off each year, who they work with and what the message is. Generally speaking, they are all trying to look cool and some succeed better than others. Chevy’s eCOPO was a smash grab for headlines this year, we hope to see it run soon.

A personal highlight was seeing Ivan “The Iron Man” Stewart’s Toyota in person at the company’s display. To look at what the full kill desert truck was then and what it is now just blows the mind. That thing may as well have been a Model T as compared to today’s units. That guy may be the toughest human to ever walk the face of the Earth.

This is the last of the random photos from my camera. It was a great and exhausting week. Can’t wait to rack it up again in 2019!

You know what to do, make the images below big and scroll through them!

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