Appropriate Is Relative: Check Out Some Nurburgring Oddities!

Appropriate Is Relative: Check Out Some Nurburgring Oddities!

With miles of asphalt, hundreds of corners, and the opportunity to wipe out just about every potential car that pulls onto it’s surface, the Nurburgring’s legend is set in stone for good reason: it’s a bucket list track. If you’ve been on the Ring, what more do you need to do? It’s no wonder that the “Touristenfahrten” days at the track are so popular: pay a toll, know the rules and you too can go for a lap at one of the world’s most legendary pieces of tarmac. What would you drive, if you could pick? Italian stallion? Maybe a Porsche or Audi, they are local. You could play full-on American and break out a GT350 Mustang…or you can do what these folks have done, which is bring some of the most unique, interesting or just plain wrong vehicles out to the track to have a little bit of fun. That’s the great part of the Touristenfahrten days…as long as the car is road-legal and you’re fine with the risks, you can go cruise the Nurburgring as long as your wallet allows. Hit play below and check it out for yourself. The guy in the Cadillac Eldorado is a freakin’ hero, navigating that barge around like that!

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5 thoughts on “Appropriate Is Relative: Check Out Some Nurburgring Oddities!

  1. Greg Rourke

    Anyone know what was with the turn signals on some of the cars? Maybe signalling to other drivers it’s safe to pass?

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Yes – but he wasn’t fat when he started his lap. It took so long to complete that he ate 30 bags of chips and drank 100 bottles of coke and word is he’s still going round…..

  3. C.M. Bendig

    I would like to take laps in a few cars:
    1 Toyota AE-86 GTS Notchback like the one I had, not stock.
    2. 87 Cavalier Z-24 5 speed. For a smaller FWD car it handled decently. I have seen them used in compact classes at the round tracks. Would be fun to compare with #1.
    3. 4th Gen Corvette ZR1
    4. New V8 Camaro.

    Sure #1 & #2 are not fast. Yet both were fun tearing up the back roads in.

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