A Bagged 1978 Lada?!?! Yeah, It’s Bitchin As All Hell

A Bagged 1978 Lada?!?! Yeah, It’s Bitchin As All Hell

Lada, the Russian car we’ve all come to recognize from any movie, news, or pictures from the Soviet Union. But we certainly aren’t used to seeing them air ride equipped, and sporting wide whites, like this absolutely bitchin little 1978 example here. We’ve never seen one customized, although after seeing this one we went and did some Google searching and found quite a few. This one is legal in the states, with current registration and title, and is available on eBay for $12,000. Not “cheap”, but when you look at how nice this thing is, and the fact that you normally don’t see them here, we figure it’s kind of reasonable actually.

1978 Lada Custom 3

Here is all the info from the seller: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE EBAY LISTING

Up for sale is a very very rare LADA 2101 VAZ Zhiguli Kopieka. Car has been fully restored top to bottom. Engine and transmission all rebuilt, has manny ad ons but mostly factory ones. Has a great sound system , air bags with 2 compressors and tank in trunk. amazing car turms almost all the heads around. you will get super attention in it. suspension can be switched to factory with out any problems, has the roof rack that can easily be removed, tires are great, no issues with the car. does have some little dings and scratches and chips but overall amazing condition. car has clean illinois title can be registered anywhere in the usa. we will provide free shipping to anywhere in USA except for alaska and hawaii. This is a very rare car here in usa so wont last long. any questions send me msg.

1978 Lada Custom 3 1978 Lada Custom 9 1978 Lada Custom 8 1978 Lada Custom 7 1978 Lada Custom 6 1978 Lada Custom 5 1978 Lada Custom 4 1978 Lada Custom 3 1978 Lada Custom 2

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8 thoughts on “A Bagged 1978 Lada?!?! Yeah, It’s Bitchin As All Hell

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    As the Lada is based on the FIAT 124 the 2 litre twin overhead cam motor and trans would drop straight in to give this the go to go with the show!

    1. jerry z

      Looking at the car, my cousin had a Fiat 124 4 door hatch like the Lads back in the early 80’s before it rotted out.

  2. RK

    Lada sold cars here in Canada for nearly twenty years, including hundreds of thousands of these. If you could find one in good condition, you could duplicate this easily. This one does appear to be from the old country though. You would have to be seriously in love with it to part with that kind of cash.

    All the eastern bloc immigrants I know, and most Canadians wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

    It is kind of cool, I can admit that. And with the engine Geordie likes, it would be even cooler!

  3. Anthony

    I remember seeing plenty in Montreal in the late 80s there still has to be a few around. The Fiat 124 was a pretty substantial car in Italy, so this can’t be that bad.

  4. Tubbed Pacecar

    Well, now we have pictorial proof of what I’ve been saying for years: “ANYTHING looks better lowered, EVEN a LADA!!”

    And yah, there used to be a dealer here, they actually sold a bunch, and even some of the Niva 4×4’s, some people were drawn in by the low sticker price, I’m sure the buyers remorse six months (or after their first winter) later was very strong:)

    1. Neil

      The 4x4s were really capable off road. A work colleague and her ex-husband had a couple – sold their Land Rover to get them!

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