Buy This 57 Year Old Corvette Wrecking Yard, Or Any Of The Vettes In It

Buy This 57 Year Old Corvette Wrecking Yard, Or Any Of The Vettes In It

This is one of those dream scenarios, that also has a sad twist. After 57 years in business, Wayne Auto Parts in Dover Ohio will be closing this year. The land is for sale, with or without everything on it, and all the individual cars and parts are for sale also. There are jillions of early and late model Corvettes at this place and in the photos below you’ll see that there are a lot of good parts. If you are restoring a Corvette, this could be the find you are looking for. Besides all the parts to put our Hackjob Corvette back together, we can also see what appear to be nice quarters, fenders, bodies, etc for early model Corvettes. Since it all has to go, owners Eric and Keith Hay have crushed all the junk cars and have spared all the Corvettes. They’ve also have a Hummer H3 specific yard and are saving those from the crusher as well. This could be your chance to build a bitchin rock crawler, dune king, or prerunner from an H3 as well.

Here is the link to the sale page on Craigslist. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE AD AND CALL

Corvette Salvage Yard 1

Corvette Salvage Yard 2

Corvette Salvage Yard 2a

Corvette Salvage Yard 3

Corvette Salvage Yard 4

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8 thoughts on “Buy This 57 Year Old Corvette Wrecking Yard, Or Any Of The Vettes In It

  1. GuitarSlinger

    Or alternatively … sit by and wait for ole Mother Earth to get fed up with this lot as well and create another Vette swallowing sinkhole … lol !

    Then again … with GM now claiming those 1.6 million cars recalled aren’t their responsibility …. cause they’s afer the bailout …. do you really want to own anything built by GM … from any era ?

    Methinks not !.. Hell … I’ll walk first before setting foot in a GM car

    Aint it nice the way GM keeps thanking us over and over for bailing their bankrupt arses out 😉

    1. Jimcoboris

      I have been driving my 1994 Corvette Convertible for 18 years and I have had to change the oil 18 times now.That’s all I have had to do besides tires and brakes once.What a great car!Love to drive it.

  2. Dave

    There is a private junkyard just like this one in Swedesboro NJ. Dozens of empty Corvette shells and parts in piles. However the guy does have some really nice rare corvette parts laying around. Really sad though…

  3. Rick

    Building broken Corvetts this is not hard at all. The paper work on these, now that is a nightmare.

    1. Anon

      Click the link above the pictures to go to the Craigslist ad, there’s a phone number there…

  4. David Mizell

    I love it when the illiterate try to act imporrtant. Typical example of our failed “educational” system.LOL.

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