Grand Plan: For $1000 Or Less This Real Cosworth Vega Could Be Yours!

Grand Plan: For $1000 Or Less This Real Cosworth Vega Could Be Yours!

Yeah, it’s Cosworth Vega car number 1043 according to the plaque on the dash. It looks straight to us from the pictures, and since the engine is already gone we wouldn’t feel bad about installing something new in it. Would you? We’d go with the new LTG package from Chevy Performance Parts since it is an overhead cam 4 banger too. Of course it makes nearly 300 horsepower in stock trim thanks to the turbo and we’re hearing that guys are making 500 with them. And they fit pretty nice, we’ve already seen one.

So for $1000 asking price, which means $800 all day long, you can have a cool Vega ready to build into something cool. No matter what you do with a Vega it is awesome in our book. They make great drag cars, look killer with a big tire all the way around, and they handle well with the right parts.

What would you’re Grand Plan be?

Here is the limited info from the seller:

For sale is Black 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega #1043 Dash Number. Parts car. Great for restoration project. $1000 or best offer. Give us a call. (714) 679-5719

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12 thoughts on “Grand Plan: For $1000 Or Less This Real Cosworth Vega Could Be Yours!

  1. john

    When is a Cosworth Vega no longer a…WHEN IT’S DRIVE TRAIN IS GONE!!! It’s original wheels are gone, the interior is gutted and the paint is smoked. It’s over Chad!!!

  2. Blu67RS

    not to mention the ‘hit’ it musta took in the front – who cuts away sheet metal to pull a motor unless the car is folded around it??

  3. Roger

    That sh!tpile needs to be crushed along with every other existing Vega. My father had a ’74 GT that didn’t last long enough for me to drive… and I got my license in ’79! That sh!tpile DISINTEGRATED in a mere 4 1/2 years!!!

  4. sbg

    Bosworth, huh?

    “Jeepers! Want a real Bosworth Vega for less than a thousand bucks? This would be a killer place to start a project, right?”

    Facebook never forgets, never forgives.


    Samething I’d do with any of the H-bodies. Put a Rover 4.6L aluminum V8 with an overdrive auto. Looking at Cosworth’s catelog currently, it’s all for the Ford/Mazda Duratec I4. Would be cool but not worth it.

    I like it because it’s smog exempt which means I could actually hop it up.

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