There’s $300 Burning A Hole In Your Pocket, Which One Of These Do You Buy

There’s $300 Burning A Hole In Your Pocket, Which One Of These Do You Buy

We’ve all done it, looked on eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, etc and searched for vehicles $300 and cheaper just to see what comes up. You never know, sometimes good things are available because someone needs the cash quick, the space quick, or to get rid of things quick before code enforcement, the wife, or neighbors get pissed. And if you have that $300 in your pocket, you just might be the guy that gets the deal.

So this morning I did a search on Inland Empire Craigslist, where I live, to see what I could get for $300 if I was so inclined today.

The little S10 pickup below sounds like the perfect beater pickup winner to me, but the Fiat really sings to me for some reason. I foresee something little and rear wheel drive giving up it’s goodies for this one. And then there is the little wacky dune buggy. I mean who needs this thing? Nobody is the answer, but man it could be fun and we all know that VW’s cost $5 to fix so how hard can it be to find an engine and jam it in that thing. It’s so ugly you wouldn’t care what happened to it and it just might be a riot in the sand and dirt.

What do you think? Smart money is to buy the S10, put a fuel pump in it, and then drive it until it blows up and throw it away. But smart money isn’t what this is all about. After all, if it was, we’d be socking the $300 away for a rainy day instead.

Here are the details for each ad. Tell me which one you would want most.

1985 S10 Pickup


1985 chevy s10 longbed fuel pump just went out it starts right up if you pour gas down the carb 2.8 v6 eng automatic transmission great work truck in fair cond got it in a trade don’t need clean title in hand $300 my phone broke so please respond to post thank you.

1975 Fiat 131 Race Car Project


Bought this car to turn into a race car/promo car for a program we had with Fiat. That program is no longer happening so it is time to push on to other project cars. Would make a cool little racer, car is RWD so we were planning a Miata drivetrain for it, since it doesn’t require SMOG. Glass is good, body is pretty straight with minimal rust. Factory the car had an automatic transmission but the car comes with no engine or transmission at all. Brakes are frozen up.

Most the interior and the bumpers are gone. Car is sold AS IS.

VW Dune Buggy


So I have a little vw buggy sitting on a cut oval window pan. Has oval window trans and front beam in good condition. Has no vin as it was cut off to shorten pan by previous owner 20 years ago. Also have a oval window motor in running condition for $600.

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