This 1966 Datsun Roadster Is Clean, For Sale Cheap, And Ready For The Engine Of Your Choice

This 1966 Datsun Roadster Is Clean, For Sale Cheap, And Ready For The Engine Of Your Choice

I think we could have a riot behind the wheel of our own Datsun Roadster. Don’t you? We think they are cool as hell. We have friends who are into them, and every time we see one it puts a smile on our face. When you look at how nice this one looks, and what all it comes with, you have to think it’s a great deal at just $5,500. There is a completely new interior, newly polished or plated trim and such, new paint, and everything needed except an engine and transmission. With that said, the seller does have a couple of engine and transmission options for a buyer should they decided to stick with something Datsun.

I’m not sure, but I think it would be a fun little car to install one of Chevy Performance Parts LTG 6-speed engine and trans combos. I know some would say that is a sin, but we think it could be fun to have more than 300 hp on tap with the little turbo 4 cylinder.

1966 Datsun Roadster 3

Here is all the info from the seller:

Perfect candidate for SR20 or U20 or Other swap.

A superb 66 no rust west coast roadster with a perfect body and a high quality paint job; NO ENGINE. Comes with brand new interior (needs install), many items have been re-chromed and/or reconditioned. All parts are included for reassembly. Clean title in hand. $5500

Don’t be fooled by other cars that need body restoration. Body/paint/rust repair is by far the most expensive and difficult part of the equation.

A 2000cc U20 motor and 5 speed trans is available separately.
A 1600cc R16 motor and 4 speed trans is available separately.

We have several projects running at once, and it make more sense to let someone else finish this one. A lot of the hard work has already been done. If you are looking for a bolt together project without rust or body repair, this is it! Would be great for father/son project.

Contact us for details. Please, no lowball offers.
If you don’t have money, please don’t waste your time and ours. Thanks!

Text: (657) 444-7623

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6 thoughts on “This 1966 Datsun Roadster Is Clean, For Sale Cheap, And Ready For The Engine Of Your Choice

  1. MGBChuck

    Having spent crazy money on my MGB (alum.rod, solid roller cam sbc, tube frame) that still needs some body work and paint, this really does look like a great start to a cool little hot rod project, buy it and have some FUN! Mine is insanely fun to drive,

  2. MGBChuck

    Forgot to mention, my body work and paint is going to cost pretty close to the price of this car

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Yes the modern Nissan turbo motor would slot straight in but no doubt some dork will be working out how to ruin this beauty by swapping in an LS!

  4. bill

    if it is an original 2000 car, it is worth some money. even the 1600 is good. but to put a again, a 7-11/chevy in it, it will be a junker/money loser.
    chevy, chevy, chevy……you guys need some shrink work.

  5. MGBChuck

    Hey Bill, not everyone builds a car for themself worried about its value, that comes comes from how it makes you feel driving it! It’s nice when its worth enough to get good insurance. My MGB has modern suspension, modern wiring, 500plus HP, 4-speed , (2300lbs.) is the most fun I have EVER had with a street car, its FAST, reliable, LOUD (scares women, makes babies cry, sets off alarms, and dogs run away, not chase it), just a Hot Rod! As for Geordie, your general hate is to the point of being SAD.

  6. F.R.O.

    This thing would be a blast with a SR20DET. I think the L series and RB inline 6s would add too much weight up front.

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