We Think This Datsun B210 Could Be An Autocross Riot!

We Think This Datsun B210 Could Be An Autocross Riot!

Everyone is always all about the Datsun 510, and we understand why, because they are super bitchin little cars. But Datsun has lots of other “number” cars that can be fun too. One that doesn’t seem to get as much attention is the Datsun B210. My Great Aunt and Uncle had one when I was growing up, and I never paid ANY attention to it at the time. It was a funny looking little car to me. And it still is in some ways, but it’s also got a couple of things going for it.

First off it is small, but no so small as to be hard to fit a normal human or normal engine into it. All the other things about being small are there too, like light weight. Second, the front wheels are in the right place, doing the right things. These cars have a pretty short front overhang which means they are less likely to grab cones with the front fenders or splitter that something with a lot of nose. And those front tires are doing only two things, steering and stopping, which is what front wheels and tires should be doing. They should not be propelling the car. Third, and perhaps most important for us, is the fact that these cars may be cool, but they aren’t ultra valuable and we have no issue with cutting the living piss out of one. Just saying.

I wouldn’t hesitate more than 15 seconds to cut something out, or off, of this car if it needed it for the performance goals set. Would you?

This one is great because it isn’t worth 15 cents her in California since the smog equipment is all gone. That means it is going to sit for sale for a while, and the price will drop accordingly.

If it was ours, and we didn’t live in California, we’d do some kind of LS swap probably just because it’s easy. But maybe not. What would you put in it?


Here is all the info from the seller and contact info:

For sale is a classic Datsun in great condition. The car runs exceptionally well and is quite fun to drive. The car will not pass smog however, all the emission equipment has been removed. That being said it only has 100,900 miles on it and no rust on the frame. I recently drove this car 4,500 miles on cross country trip, and have gone up and down from LA to the bay numerous times in the last few months. It is currently registered in Vermont, before selling I plan to register Planned Non-Operation on account of the smog issues. So I think this car is best for somebody who has the means to register it in a different state. This car was featured in a Hemmings article a few years back ( https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hsx/2008/06/Datsun—On-Ice—-1977-Datsun-B210/1643070.html ). This is such a cool car I have loved owning it. I am selling it because I need to buy a pickup and cannot afford to have both cars.

Glove box autographed by John Morton! or maybe his secretary…who is he, you may ask? he is a badass racing driver for team Datsun in the early 70’s
high compression A14 engine (requires premium gas, non-ethanol if you can find it)
5 speed 210 engine (valued between $800 and $1000 on ebay). Shifts beautifully and easily
European Bumpers (desirable, so I am told, valued at $600 alone)
drivers seat replaced with one from a Suzuki Swift GTi
vacuum assist brake booster removed to make more room for a dual weber carb and intake
brakes work very well
recently replaced the whole charging system, master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, ignition control module.
Parts are surprisingly not that hard to find
original paint and comes with a can of touch up paint. ‘Mediterranean Blue’
also I have replacement headlights, a set of snow tires, the manual, a datsun hat, a book about 1970’s team Datsun SCCA racing which will be yours. I also have an extra bumper and rear windshield but they are in Vermont, you’d be welcome to them but they are far away

As you can see in the pictures there is so much room to maneuver under the hood, its really easy to do your own maintenance. Also I hear of folks taking these cars and putting 6 or 8 cylinder engines in them.

right now it gets around 35 mpg, but with some effort that could probably rise up to 45 or 50. This car used to be owned by a datsun master mechanic and was raced in hypermileage races. It won a few in 08/09 averaging around 75mpg(!)

the negatives:
-wont pass smog
-carburetor hesitates slightly going into first. My mechanic recommended rebuilding it, but as it is now the car is running very well and once the engine is warm its not noticeable. Car occasionally diesels upon shut off
-oil pan gasket has very small leak. eventually should be replaced but not an issue if you change the oil every 3000 miles
-rear engine seal has small leak, not significant enough to warrant removing the transmission but if you ever did remove that you could replace that while you are in there
-needs a brake hose replaced (not urgent)

there it is! contact me by email or phone if you have any more questions about the car. I am in contact with the previous owners and I have a record of all the work done in the past 5 years, and recently took it to the mechanic and have a copy of all his estimates. $3000, or best offer

Jacob 213-448-9286

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