Check Out Hoppos 1965-1966 Impala Chassis Reinforcement Kit

Check Out Hoppos 1965-1966 Impala Chassis Reinforcement Kit

While Hoppos is a well-known lowrider parts company, I thought this chassis reinforcement kit is something pro touring and high-powered hot rod owners might be interested in as well. This kit is made from 3/16 steel, so it isn’t lightweight, but it surely adds a lot of strength to the chassis. This is one of the most extensive kits that they have at Hoppos, but they also have smaller kits for reinforcing front cross members, rear frame sections, etc. There are several parts on their website that G-Body, full-size Chevy, and more.

In this video, you’ll see what comes in the kit, how it fits, and more. It is NOT an installation video, but you’ll see just how it goes together if you watch. This kit takes some real labor because all the parts of this kit are 3/16 P&O steel that is shipped flat but ready to be formed to your frame rails, cross members, suspension mounts, and more. This kit is designed to reinforce a 1965-1966 Impala chassis for heavy hydraulics hopping and dancing, but I certainly think some of these mods would be a great addition to other uses.

This kit wraps the outside, inside, top, and bottom of the frame to double it in almost every area of the chassis. You’ll need to have a clean frame, grinder with a variety of discs, clamps, and a welder to install all of this but when done you’ll have a really strong frame that can also be as smooth as you decide to finish it. Check it out.


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2 thoughts on “Check Out Hoppos 1965-1966 Impala Chassis Reinforcement Kit

  1. Gary D

    Some good thoughts, but for most cars I would think that a well designed cage from tube steel is a better, stronger lighter alternative. Or a complete custom frame as noted above. I can see where the hoppers would not want to clutter up the interior of their Impalas though.

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