ACED: AutoCross Every Day! You Think Your Car Is Fast On The Autocross? Watch This!

ACED: AutoCross Every Day! You Think Your Car Is Fast On The Autocross? Watch This!

The American Autocross Series at Crows Landing is awesome. And this little Cheetah is one of the reasons why. If you think your car is quick around an autocross, take a ride in this little bastard with us and see just what fast really is. Insane is what this little car is. When I think Cheetah I think 1960’s road racing lore, but this Cheetah is more like a miniature factory prototype racer like you would see in the 24 hours of Sebring or LeMans. Still, it’s bad ass. And it sounds like it’s powered by some motorcycle engine much like the Ratical.

Flat out is the way I would describe this run at Crows Landing, and if this run doesn’t make you want to get in the seat and scare some cones today then you probably shouldn’t be watching this, there is a “Cat jumps in box” video somewhere on YouTube with your name on it.

If you are unfamiliar with Crows Landing and the American Autocross series, you should get familiar with it and come to an event. It’s arguably one of the best autocross events in the country thanks in part to great courses and great people, but also because they have not one but two timed course. One is for official times and the other is a “practice” course that allows the novice and expert alike the opportunity to go over to that track and get some seat time, adjust on the car, etc. It’s a family oriented event with a lot of folks bringing their RVs or tents to camp in and everyone has a great time, young and old. If you haven’t been to one, here is the info you need to know. CLICK HERE TO VISIT AMERICANAUTOX.COM

This video is totally worthy of being the BangShift APEX ACED: AutoCross Every Day video of the day.


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