Build This Aluminum Boat In Your Garage From A Kit! This Thing Is Rad!

Build This Aluminum Boat In Your Garage From A Kit! This Thing Is Rad!

I love jet boats and the aluminum jet sprint stuff that is so popular in the north west and Australia. So when I saw this video from a guy building one from CNC cut parts in his garage I thought, now this is something different. The fact that he’s welding the whole thing with a spool gun makes it way faster than tig welding the whole thing, but man a tig welded aluminum boat sure would look bitchin as hell wouldn’t it? Man I can only imagine the looks you’d get. This one only weighs 150 kilos which is less than 350 lbs! It’s small so it doesn’t need much power to be awesome, but I could really see one of Chevrolet Performance Parts LTG Crate turbo 4 cylinders in this sucker! That’s probably overkill though since the 73 horsepower Jet Ski engine in it makes it haul plenty of ass!

In a boat like this it isn’t about how fast you are going, but rather how quickly you get up to speed. And since it is heavy duty and bulletproof you can run it in lower water conditions and in tough environments which also means it will last forever. It looks like a fun welding project too.

Looking at the parts that are all precision CNC cut to fit together nice, it doesn’t look like a lot of specialty tool are required to get it fit up correctly. Like I said, this one looks like a fun project.

Here is the video of the build and the video of it out on the water. This sucker hauls ass through river rapids, over rocks, in ultra shallow water, and will do 180s like none other! Plus you can haul a friend around with you!

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