So You Think You Can Drive? Both Hands and Both Feet Sideways

So You Think You Can Drive? Both Hands and Both Feet Sideways

There are people who do not believe that race car drivers are athletes. Those people are wrong by a lot. Why? Watch this video and see what Jules Gounon does behind the wheel and tell me that there is no “athletic” ability. From the wild footwork of decelerating the car, heel-toe shifting, and then the work of catching the machine as it was in a high speed slide, Gounon is certainly a wheelman and certainly an athlete.

The “bus stop” at Daytona is basically a big chicane that is designed to break up the high speed portion of the road course that uses the oval’s famously big banks. We’re not sure if Gounon’s Corvette is a big or small block car but we do know that it hauls ass. That thing was making some big speed when he approached said bus stop and he carried a load of it through there.

Driving at this level, yes  even at this level in vintage style of racing is an intrinsic art form. You have to know the car, know its abilities, and then know your self and your abilities. When both of the parties come to an agreement on those parameters you’ll see stuff like is contained in the video below. The man and the machine in perfect unison.

Press play below to see Jules Gounon fly through the Daytona bus stop –

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4 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Drive? Both Hands and Both Feet Sideways

  1. jerry z

    That is one race on a bucket list I’ll never achieve. Watching those in car camera videos just makes me want to sell everthing, buy a race team and hit the track running!

    1. Edward Zabinski

      Jerry Z, just buy a vintage car and sign up for a Daytona event. Tow it yourself of hire a vintage shop to tow it and crew it. You might be surprised, it can be as affordable or highbrow as you desire! WE only have a limited number of heartbeats..go racing!

  2. Jim

    Jerry Z. If you’ve got a couple of hundred bucks and a good helmet there is nothing keeping you from doing this. Last driving school/high performance track day I did I was out there in a $1800 Craigslist BMW mixing it up with 500k Porsche’s. SCCA did a novice class last May. I assume they will be back along with Chin, Jzillaw. Etc. do it! Your face will ache from a perma-grin when you come off the track!!

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