Chadmouth: Why Are Some People So Snobby? You CAN Race Anything On The Autocross

Chadmouth: Why Are Some People So Snobby? You CAN Race Anything On The Autocross

I don’t get it! You see these posts on the web that insinuate that you have to have a “prepared” Miata or Porsche or VW or (insert sh!t box here) to go out and autocross. And it’s not just some opinionated dude on his own blog, even sites like Opposite Lock and Jalopnik get in on it sometimes, which is weird cause they also preach that you should be out their driving at an autocross near you. I supposed there is a part of me that should thank them since they perpetuate the thought that supercar owners are going to come out and slaughter a bunch of muscle cars on the autocross and road course. It’s always fun to watch them walking through the pits halfway through the day with this confused look on their face carrying their own ass in their hands because it has just been handed to them.

YOU CAN AUTOCROSS AND ROAD RACE ANYTHING! Just like you can drag race anything. Guys like Andrew Range, who drives a huge Lincoln Town Car in Pleasanton for Goodguys, or even to some extent Joe Escobar in his Pinto, have brought out cars they like and are having fun with them. Joe’s car was about as stock as can be when he started to autocross, and look at it now! But he didn’t HAVE to make those changes to go out and have fun in his car.

I don’t know why it is that there are such divisible lines  between the different groups of racers when they are online. Sure we all have preferences for what vehicles we like and want to race, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else sucks or can’t do it. Personally, I wouldn’t own a Miata on a bet, or at least not without LS power and a Caitlyn Jenner driving suit. And you will never find me spending my own money on an Evo or Subaru. With that said, I know a bunch of guys that have these cars and dozens more I wouldn’t want, and I respect them and how fast they are because they are in it for the same reasons we all are. If you are as excited about a Miata as I am about a 1969 Camaro for example, then get it on big boy! I’m going to support you with question, even if you are driving something I wouldn’t be. That’s what this should be about.

So if you want to show up at an autocross event behind the wheel of a rusty old Ford pickup, a 2015 Chevy Camaro V6 rental car, a Pinto, an Evo, a Linlcoln Town Car, a Miata, a Porsche, a ’69 Chevelle, or any other thing you can think of, I say BRING IT! We want you there. New or old, import or domestic, everyone should experience the thrill of pushing themselves and their car on a track.

And to those snobby bastards who think that anyone outside the mold is going to stink up the place, that is the smell of victory, of fun, of car guys. If you want your autocross car to smell like new car or vanilla or something good on you, but that ain’t our gig.

Real car guys unite! Autocross everywhere you can, white scarf crowd be damned!


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2 thoughts on “Chadmouth: Why Are Some People So Snobby? You CAN Race Anything On The Autocross

  1. So Cal Camaro

    As you know Chad, I have thrashed more than a rental car at autocross events….and while not as fast as my normal Camaro, they are always fun to see how many people I can beat in there prepped cars…LOL

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