Autocross Season Is Upon Us! Does YOUR Region Offer the CAM class?

Autocross Season Is Upon Us! Does YOUR Region Offer the CAM class?

This last weekend I received a reminder email from the New England region SCCA club letting me know that the first points autocross event of the year is in less than four weeks. Say what?!?

Immediately, several thoughts raced through my brain, ranging from “Seriously? With the way this winter is going, it’s more likely to be a snowcross than an autocross” to “Hmm, I need a new helmet” to “Crap, which car do I run, and what class do I register for?

Luckily, the helmet problem is easily solvable thanks to modern technology as helmets for even the largest of noggins like mine are readily available, and my two car choices are either “1987 Monte Carlo” or “1987 Monte Carlo”, but the class selection is still a lingering question.

The last time I ran one of my cars (I won’t embarrass myself by saying how long ago this was; let’s just say that I have resolved to go on a regular basis this year), the only class that my G-body fit into was Street Modified (SM), which is a bit of a catch-all class that my car was completely not prepared for. Picture bringing a dull pocket knife to a gunfight, with that same pocket knife almost ending up in the woods after fuel starving and stalling out mid corner. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

My specific mechanical issues aside, 2014 is also the first year for the Classic American Muscle (CAM) class, which solves that pesky “Why am I running my Chevelle against a 240sx, an E36 BMW 3 series, and a Civic” problem that may muscle car owners face when they show up at an event.

Here’s the thing: The CAM class will ONLY be used in your region if you request it, so find your local SCCA chapter and make your voice heard! Don’t know your region? Find it HERE

The current rules for CAM can be found in Appendix B of the SOLO rulebook HERE, but since we know that you want to keep reading BangShift I’ve copied them below as well. Don’t say that I never did anything nice for y’all, ok?

If you’re in the New England Region, definitely check out the schedule HERE. Let us know if you sign up!




Rationale: The purpose of CAM is to attract automobile enthusiasts to SCCA who are currently interested in and/or participating in the Goodguys® Autocross events or other similar events for “classic” vehicles (e.g., Street Machine, Muscle Car, Hot Rod, Truck, Street Car, Late Model, etc.) built in North America by manufacturers based in the US (e.g., “The Big Three” – GM, Ford, and Chrysler). These avid enthusiasts would largely be a new and different group of folks to join with us as SCCA® members and participants.
However, many of these types of cars may not have a favorable classification at their local SCCA® Solo® events. By having a simple, single set of rules used across the country, these new autocross enthusiasts would be able to participate in multiple Regional Solo® events with a more consistent experience. Additionally, this gives SCCA and the Solo® Events Board an opportunity to see the viability of this type of participation at all levels of Solo® events. Therefore, Regions are encouraged to offer this program and to encourage Classic American Muscle car enthusiasts to join the fun at your SCCA Solo events!
Eligible Vehicles
1.Vehicle must be considered a “street legal” (lights, wipers, etc.), US-domestic automobile of front-engine/RWD configuration or a “pick-up” truck. Must be licensed and insured.
Vehicle must pass the mandatory safety inspection (tech) and be in compliance with Section 3, Vehicles, of the 2014 SCCA® National Solo® Rules.
Vehicles must weigh 3000 pounds or more.
1.All body panels must be present in the original standard locations and may be modified or replaced. Exc
1.exception: High-Boys (1954 and earlier), Roadsters (1954 and earlier), and Trucks (1940 and earlier) are not required to have fenders or hood sides.
All glass must be present. Side glass components may be replaced by Lexan®.Interior must be finished and have minimum seating for two adults.The fuel tank/cell must be separated from the driver/passenger compartment by a metal panel/bulkhead. The fuel tank/cell shall not vent into the driver/passenger compartment.
Wheels and Tires
1.Any metallic wheels are allowed. Non-metallic wheels must be certified from an appropriate, recognized standards organization (e.g., FIA, SFI, SAE, TUV, etc.).
Only DOT-approved tires with a UTQG Treadwear Grade of 200 or more are permitted.
Body Electrical System
1.Electrical components and wiring are unrestricted.
Brake System
1.Brake system and components are unrestricted.
Suspension and Steering
1.Suspension and steering components are unrestricted. Method of attachment is unrestricted.
Engine and Drive Train
1.Engine, drive train, and associated components (internal and external) are unrestricted.
Classing Options, based on local demand:
1.A single CAM class for vehicles meeting the above requirements.
Two classes (CAM-A and CAM-B) split on a model year (e.g., pre-1973 and 1973-on or pre-1983 and 1983-on).
Two classes based on body style; muscle car and/or hot rod (alternate minimum weights may be considered).

Other methods of subdividing based on local CAM enthusiast requests.


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