Dead: Americas Rallycross Championship, After Just Two Seasons

Dead: Americas Rallycross Championship, After Just Two Seasons

“After consultation with a wide group of stakeholders and interested parties, IMG has taken the difficult decision to not extend the Americas Rallycross Championship beyond the 2019 season.” And with that, rallycross racing at a professional level in America has kicked the bucket for the second time. The first was the Red Bull Global Rallycross, which ran from 2011-2018. IMG Motorsport had built up Americas Rallycross Championship as a competitor series and a feeder for FIA World Rallycross Championship racing, but with the failure of finding commercial partners to continue the series (and only seven teams running the series at all for 2019), the end has arrived

Steve Arpin, the General Manager of Loenbro Motorsports and the driver of the #00 Ford Fiesta RX, posted: “It’s a shame to see Americas Rallycross end. We had high hopes for the series and the potential it could have had to the sport of rallycross in the U.S. Moving Forward, Lownbro Motorsports remains committed to the sport and is working to ensure it continues to grow while we explore opportunities for 2020 and beyond. Even with this unfortunate news, given recent meetings and conversations, we look forward to what the future holds for rallycross in America.”

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