Red Bull Literally Pits A Rugby Team Against An F1 Car – Insane And Awesome

Red Bull Literally Pits A Rugby Team Against An F1 Car – Insane And Awesome

We often marvel at the disposable income a company like Red Bull has. The good thing is that it allows them to do insane things like produce a video called F1 Scrum where they pit the slightly modified Formula One car of Daniel Ricciardo against an entire professional Rugby team. How did they do it? They modified what we would call a blocking sled (scrum sled?) and the nose of the F1 car so that the car could line up and push on one side and the boys on the other side could line up and the pads and push as hard as their massive legs would allow them.

The car was on a small, round asphalt pad that got punished pretty hard after Ricciardo leveled the throttle pedal. The guys on the other side were wearing their spikes and locked together in a classic scrum formation fighting against the 1,000hp car that was literally trying to run them over on the other side of the sled. We have never seen anything like this before and we probably won’t going forward, either.

Filmed on the grounds of a massive estate, the whole thing has the production value of something out of Hollywood. We see the rugby guys working out, the race car ripping trough the estate grounds on roads that are both solid at points and pea gravel at others.

Like we always say in these scenarios, who was the guy who raised his had at a meeting and suggested this? If Red Bull is not the greatest company in the world to work for we don’t know who is. If this was suggested at virtually any other company on Earth the person would have been fired and then jailed…and then fired again. He was likely promoted to some sort of executive position in Austria after dreaming this up and seeing how flipping awesome it came out on film. Genius!

Press play below to watch F1 Scrum and make sure to set it to HD!

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