Good Or Bad? Brian Finch’s Mus-Take Mustang Project Is Underway

Good Or Bad? Brian Finch’s Mus-Take Mustang Project Is Underway

When Brian Finch announced that he was going to be building a Mustang, that incorporated a 2011 front end with a 1967 back end, and was calling it Mus-Take, there were a lot of people wondering if it was in fact a Mistake. The rendering looks okay and, as a Chevy guy who’s favorite Mustang is the ’67-’68 models, hopefully it will do the cool Ford proud. It’s been amazingly polarizing so far, and with good reason. Some people will say you can make almost anything look good with a rendering, so do you think this Mustang will look good in person or not?

We’ve got a couple photos of it under construction as we speak.


Finch Mus-Take 1 Finch Mus-Take 2. jpg

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10 thoughts on “Good Or Bad? Brian Finch’s Mus-Take Mustang Project Is Underway

  1. Tedly

    The 67-68 fastback has never been my thing, but I like that. It’s friggin weird, but I can see this one coming out well.

  2. Garry

    I’m still trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop…..

  3. John T

    aw I hate to be negative but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! just look at it from the front…the width etc of that front spoiler is completely at odds with the profile and shape of the rest of the car, totally does not work. If you modify it to make it work so visually it looks OK you may as well go back to the original Mustang front.or rice the crap out of the rest of the body to make it look less visually wrong ( notice I didn’t say good) . So if you do go with original looking front lower valance, what are you really doing? Putting later headlights etc and that horrendous later hood on something whose styling was already good. WHY? The newer Mustang is something I do not like the look of at all; its a cynical marketing attempt to capture the look of the older car, and in my opinion it fails fairly dismally. Putting those poxy new bits on to replace what looked good seems such a waste of money and time, as well as wrecking the older car. OK, my opinion only, not my car etc….but if this thing gets finished, its the WTF car we’ll all cringe at in a few years time….

    1. ColoradoKid

      Perhaps the better question might be … why not ?

      Because ….. in all honesty .. assuming the finished product looks even close to the renderings …. its looking mighty fine to me .

      Not to mention all the mis-matched front and rear Mustang clips rusting away in junkyards across all of North American that’d be a whole lot better served becoming mulattos like this … rather than letting them fade away into the ground 😉

      1. Bob

        Are we trying to improve the looks of the ’67 Mustang or are we trying to improve the looks of the 2011 Mustang???? It just doesn’t really make much sense. Each year model look fine as they were built.

  4. MattW

    I think it looks great – and at least it’s all Ford. A few years back, here in NZ, a meat pie company decided to build a promo car. It consisted of a ’69 Mustang front clip (complete with 302 Windsor), bolted to an early 70’s HQ Holden sedan body. They called it the ‘Folden’ (do a search). Now THAT was polarising!.

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