Morning Symphony: Hillclimbing In An Opel Kadett

Morning Symphony: Hillclimbing In An Opel Kadett

This is the case for the small car, the little four-banger that’s an absolute featherweight. What you are looking at is an Opel Kadett C, a car that doesn’t look like it’s root platform. You look, you see a European coupe shape, or maybe you’re reminded of the “Buick Opel” cars sold in the States, but what you should be thinking of is the Chevrolet Chevette. Yeah, that’s right…this is one of GM’s T platform cars…small, rear-drive, and in the case of Dominik Weidinger’s car here, surprisingly angry. Low to the ground and howling, this Kadett weaves it’s way through an Austrian hillclimb with surgical apexes and not a single sign of any kind of funny business. The Opel is on rails, the engine is doing honorable work, and everything is working in harmony, and all while the little machine is making tracks. That’s harmony, readers. The Kadett doesn’t look like a slow car trying to be fast…from launch through the shutdown area, it is fast. It’s controlled, it’s poised, and it’s ripping up the hill with little drama to be seen. Apex to apex, Weidinger looks like he’s just on a spirited Saturday morning drive and not in competition. Not everything needs earth-moving torque and a stupid horsepower number to be interesting and entertaining…a four-pot that’s worked up and a lithe body that has it’s suspension nailed down to a science works just as well.

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2 thoughts on “Morning Symphony: Hillclimbing In An Opel Kadett

  1. jerry z

    Now why didn’t they bring THAT car here to the states. We get the s***vette and the Europeans get the good ones. Never fails.

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