Morning Symphony: McLaren M1B – Choose Your Own Adventure

Morning Symphony: McLaren M1B – Choose Your Own Adventure

Bruce McLaren made a strong start when he kicked off his car-racing business and in the short few years between the starting point and McLaren’s death in 1970, the cars that were cranked out were meant to do one thing; kick everything’s ass on the track. McLaren might have started out racing Formula One machines, but for Can-Am racing, McLaren was happy to join in the fray as well. Using a modified Elva chassis and a V8 (initially a Traco-Oldsmobile 303ci unit, then a Traco-Chevrolet 327, and even a Ford 289 if you were so inclined) the M1B was meant for Group 7 or Can-Am competition. They are a racing machine through and through…light, lithe, and powerful.

McLaren’s Formula One timeline would leave you expecting a more high-pitched, refined sound, not an American V8’s God of Thunder soundtrack. It doesn’t line up…this should have a sweet Italian V6 or a British V-12 in it, not a breathed-on bit of Detroit anger, but good Lord, that is the soundtrack from Heaven out there on the Nurburgring’s Grand Prix layout. Mixing it up with similar-vintage machines at the 2019 Oldtimer Grand Prix, you just need to hear any other car nearby to understand just how booming these McLarens are. Amazing how a Kiwi whipped this combination into shape, isn’t it?


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2 thoughts on “Morning Symphony: McLaren M1B – Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. MGBChuck

    Boy I like me some SBC goodness, especially in a little British/Kiwi race car, Thanks BS

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