Retro Road Test: Check Out MotorWeek’s Look At The 1990 BMW M5 – No V8 Here!

Retro Road Test: Check Out MotorWeek’s Look At The 1990 BMW M5 – No V8 Here!

Listen, I am a simple guy to please. I like large cars that can handle and make great horsepower. There are more of them available now than there ever has been but back in 1990, the idea of a larger sports sedan was not exactly common. In fact, outside of Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Infinity, we’re not entirely sure anyone else was making one. We do know that no one was making an example as good as the 1990 BMW M5. Long before turbocharged V8s showed up, the BMW lineage was built atop the strong foundation of straight six plants.

The engine in this car was the 3.5L piece with its awesome individual runner intake and race history. Making more than 300hp and sending it thought the five speed manual transmission, the car could run very low 15 second and occasional high 14-second numbers on the strip. That was as quick as a Camaro or Mustang was running out of the box as well back then.

The wheels on this car are barf-tastic and really the only piece of it we do not like. We’re not sure these cars aged very well because we have not seen an M5 of this generation in a long, long time. It isn’t exactly like the German cars of this era were known as being tank-like in their efficiency and quality.

Oh, and how about gas milage. A straight six car rated at 11 MPG CITY?! Hey now!

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