NASCAR Truck Race Ends With Motorsport Dumpster Fire, Driver Tackling Rival

NASCAR Truck Race Ends With Motorsport Dumpster Fire, Driver Tackling Rival

While IndyCar was busy setting an absurd pace at Watkins Glen International and a clean win for Scott Dixon last weekend, just across the New York-Canada border, the NASCAR Camping World Trucks Series decided instead to sanction the world’s worst road course pass for a win, which prompted a post-race dust-up. Headed into the final corner of last weekend’s Chevy Silverado 250 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, John Hunter Nemechek tried to make a crossover move to overtake race leader Cole Custer for the win. We saw a perfect, cleanly executed crossover take the win a couple years ago at CTMP from Ryan Blaney, but Nemechek bungled the move when Custer defended the middle of the corner. Rather than accept that Custer had bested him, Nemechek PIT-maneuvered Custer’s #00 truck to push him out of the way, then proceeded to drive Custer’s truck all the way to the tire wall with both trucks ending up in the mud off the surface.

Nemechek crossed the finish line, kind of, ahead of Custer, but NASCAR took several minutes to rule on whether Nemechek barreling into a car that had clearly beaten him through the corner was legal. NASCAR officials ultimately deemed the move legal in what can only be described as stupid and when officials went to give Nemechek the checkered flag as a sign of victory, Custer turned Ronnie Lott and tackled his rival with a 30-yard head of steam. The kerfuffle was quickly broken up.

One has to wonder after Michael McDowell punted race leader Alex Tagliani from the lead at Road America last weekend, after Tagliani was punted from the lead on the penultimate corner at Mid-Ohio last year, and after this dumpster-fire move: Does NASCAR actually care about sportsmanship? [Pause for laughter]

But seriously folks, but at least Cole Custer’s Tecmo Super Bowl tackle on John Hunter Nemechek looked considerably less flaccid than the Spencer Gallagher-John Wes Townley “fight” at Gateway Motorsports Park earlier this year.

Here are the last-corner “move” and the post-race festivities:


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18 thoughts on “NASCAR Truck Race Ends With Motorsport Dumpster Fire, Driver Tackling Rival

  1. Crazy

    Please Mr. Author stick with the wine and cheese crowd and what they call racing
    Part of oval racing is knowing when and where you\’ll be getting the chrome horns. and adjusting for it..

    1. Guitardrumr

      If you look closely, you’ll notice that there was some right turning going on there. And if you listen, you’ll notice them talking about turns in the double digits.

      This is clearly not an oval, and must be driven differently. That includes being able to make a pass without resorting to punting a driver into the dirt, and pinning his door to your fender so you can ‘technically’ cross the line ahead of him. Even at an oval, that wouldn’t be taken lightly.

      1. Crazy

        oval drivers,, are going to use chrome horns on every track every season..
        those that don\’t never win.. and custer is known for doing the same thing..
        Yet the bangshift crowd that doesn\’t follow the Camping World truck\’s..
        Would not know this.. only arm chair comment on it..
        The reason they didn\’t do anything to Front row racing and driver, I BECAUSE Custer has done this,,
        but back to you,the arm chair guys..

  2. Brendan M

    “You take that back!! My sister is the prettiest girl in the whole trailer park! And my daddy said she’s good in bed too!!”

  3. Patrick

    Road racing is about car control, not blatantly and repeatedly running into each other. Stupid way to win. That wasn’t rubbing, that was a calculated move to take a competitor out.

      1. DBarn

        And can you tell me who’s not going to win the championship??? Real bonehead move on the kid’s part. Gonna cost himself big.

  4. Dale Epp

    It’s no wonder Front Row Joe can’t find a sponsor for the little jerk for a kid.
    Seems the kid is now trying to get Jerry Springer’s attention.

    NASCAR officials – you’re as pathetic as John Hunter Numbnuts. And btw…you owe some winners money to Rickey Rudd and a few others over the years.


  5. David

    I watched this live…and have no idea as to why NASCAR didn’t penalize John Hunter! Though one things for sure…

    John Hunter Nemechek, knows, who his “Special” FRIEND will be for the remainder of the season.

    1. Crazy

      They didn\’t do anything, because Custer does it.. and has done it..
      If they did punish FRR , they have to answer why they never have when the roles where reversed ..

  6. Big Sky Dreamer

    Okay Bang Shift, put a couple dollars in the jar – it’s a truck not a car (joke) Also if Custer had ever done anything to this degree before….where’s the footage? Sure, taking out another driver has been done before in many forms of racing, apparently, even with the wine and cheese crowd. It wasn’t enough that Nemechek shoved Custer off the track, he followed him off the course into the ‘mud’. We will find out today who gets fined for what, if at all…..J.H. knew it was coming as he didn’t take his helmet off, until after the dust settled

  7. Piston Pete

    I was a JHN fan because I always liked and respected his dad, but that deal was chickenshit. What a punk.

  8. Race Car Alex

    the very reason that I, along with plenty of people stopped watching NASCAR was because of all the political crap lately. Punt someone, get fined. whoop someone, get fined. Now, all of a sudden, this happens and everyone wants Nemechek to get in trouble. Come on people, rubbin’s racin’. Let the guys have at it. personally, I find this as awesome, and it makes me want to watch next weekend’s race.

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