Pro-Touring Tuesdays: This European Camaro Is A Tire Frying Drift Machine

Pro-Touring Tuesdays: This European Camaro Is A Tire Frying Drift Machine

Here at BangShift we put in the hard work of scouring the internet to bring you the coolest automotive news and content of the “Hey, you gotta see this” variety from around the world. “Pro Touring Tuesdays” is all about bring you guys and gals the best of the Pro Touring builds and videos that we uncover during this endless searching for all things BangShifty.

Before we get into the madness that is this week’s car, a quick word on our definition of “Pro Touring”, as it may differ from what you are expecting:

In our eyes, Pro Touring is about more than the $Texas priced wheels, Chevy LS swaps, paint jobs that require a home equity loan, billet everything, and events that are more about hard parking than they are about hard driving. To us, Pro Touring isn’t about bolting on the most expensive parts your wallet can afford, but instead building a car or truck that’s better suited to keep up with today’s modern muscle on the street and at the track. Before the naysayers start, yes, there will be LS swaps shown here from time to time. We can’t help that they’re one of the most popular engines on the planet. Pop a few chill pills and breathe.

To kick it off, I’m going a bit controversial with the inaugural Pro Touring Tuesday, but I think you guys will dig it anyway.

This week we’re featuring Mikko Viitala’s “1970” Camaro. Why is the 1970 in quotes, you may ask? Well, the car is actually a 1978, but Mikko digs the look of the older F-body. Can’t complain about that.

easter 001

The supercharged LS3, T56, and suspension upgrades are par for the course with a Pro Touring build, but what I really dig is how the miles are racked up on that drivetrain: You see, Viitala’s over in Finland and chooses to get his jollies by going sideways around corners.


When I said “sideways”, I mean REALLY sideways. In a drift.


Yup, you guessed it: This Camaro was built to go import hunting at local drifting events, all thanks to the force-fed V8 putting out over 600 horsepower to the wheels.



Lest you think it’s all about power, the real key is getting the right amount of steering angle, which Viitala has achieved with a custom front suspension and rack and pinion steering.


With the smaller 205 width tires up front, we’re talking up to 65 degrees of steering angle.

camaro 032

Intrigued? For more info on the car, check out Mikko Viitala’s build thread on, which is still being updated today: CLICK HERE FOR THE BUILD THREAD

Think you’re not interested? Luckily, Viitala has a video that may change your mind. I understand that drifting may never be your favorite automotive event, but there’s something about a tire frying V8 set to the soothing sounds of Anthrax that sure does it for us.


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